Jack & Crush by MeteorOnAMoonlessNight

Jack & Crush by: MeteorOnAMoonlessNight

Jack &Crush is one of the first stories I came across when I found Stars Library in 2016. The story begins with Edward coming back from being overseas only to find his fiance cheating on him. To drown his misery, he walks into Bella’s bar. Bella is a strong, sexually comfortable woman that takes a shine to Edward and takes him home to her place when he gets too drunk.

Deb: I loved how shy Jack paid attention to Crush. He knew her actions.

BeLynda: Bella, crushing Jake’s balls. How she got her name. 😀

Erika: Kick ass awesome Bella.

Wanting to know more about Lara’s inspiration behind Jack & Crush, I emailed her asking her exactly that.

Me: What was your inspiration for Jack & Crush?
Lara: The inspiration started from the Alison Krauss/ Brad Paisley song Whiskey Lullaby. It’s been a favorite for a long time, and the video is really bittersweet. I kept thinking about what if the guy had someone to turn to after he found his fiancée cheating on him. So, the best way in my head was for the bartender to be Bella.

Me: I love Ball crushing Bella, was it hard to write her this way?
Lara: I wrote the woman I would be if I wasn’t so introverted and shy. Strong, confident in her sexuality, take no shit.

Me: What would you want People to know about this story? Fun Fact or warning?
Lara: BeLynda Smith came up with the nickname Crush, and then it evolved into his nickname being Jack (for the whiskey). The only warning, I have is that Bella has a potty mouth and they have a one night stand, which is not for everyone.

Me: What advice, if any do you have for other writers?
Lara: My advice is to write what makes you happy. You can’t base everything you do on adoration from the crowd. For every one reader that likes your writing, there’s five that don’t. Don’t look for that validation, or you’ll never have the nerve to put yourself out there.

You should go check, not only this story out by her, but she has many other great fics. You can read her at one of these places.
She has a Facebook group that you can read teasers of chapters and new work she has here.

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2 Responses to “Jack & Crush by MeteorOnAMoonlessNight

  • reporteralpha
    6 months ago

    If I could I would write about each of your stories because they are amazing. But like you this one brought me back into the fandom more. I am happy that you like it ok.

  • It was really sweet of you to review J&C! Each of my stories holds a place in my heart, but this fierce Bella means a lot to me. Thank you.

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