Verbal Walk Through

Hello Readers!
As your Editor In Chief, I thought that I would be remiss if I didn’t take you all on a tour of the new Twi Site. I created TFN when I came back to the TwiFandom to finish a fic and found very little in the way of sites or blogs or the like. I had wanted to enter a contest as a way to get back into the swing of things, but couldn’t find anything. I tried all my old haunts, prowled google, poked here, there and everywhere but came up with very little. After a few weeks I came across The Age of Edward Contest on Facebook. While I was excited to have finally found a contest to enter in, I was sorely missing all the sites and sources of information on the goings on in the Fandom from my time in it before. Then the light bulb went off. I poked around and realized that I could create something like what I was wanting. So I did, and here we are. I never ended up entering the contest (sadly enough), because I was too busy working on the site or at my actual place of work. Anywho, onto the tour.

On the front page on the right sidebar, you’ll be able to see all recently updated stories from ffn, current contests, and a search function where you can search the entire site. I’m not completely through with this, so more things are to come there. Of course, all recent posts are listed on the main front page.

At the top are apple icons that lead to all of our social media accounts. We’re on Twitter, Instagram, WeHeartIt, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Discord, Imgur, and we also have a private subreddit. I created the private subreddit instead of doing our own forum board because in my opinion, Reddit is easier to navigate, posts are a thousand times easier to find, and their system is just much better to deal with overall. To get in you just have to have a reddit account (which is free) and message the moderators (so far that’s just me, your EIC). I’ll then go in and add you. Tweeting me or messaging me will expedite the process of you being added to the list, OR you can submit a form under the Forms section, and you’ll get added in. After we have a lead moderator and other mods, their info will be available on the site in how to contact them.

Underneath the header image is the menu bar listing all of our pages. It’s through here that most of the information will be found. I always encourage exploration, but perhaps an explanation of the pages is in order.

The About Us page will be filled with info on all staff members including how to get in contact with them.

The Affiliates page is dedicated as a list to other Twi sites/groups that we are happy to work with on collaborations as well as being a way of networking and spreading news through the Twi Fandom.

The Contests page is a place where we’ll list all current and past contests that have been submitted to us. We’re more than happy to be a host page for your contest needs. We’ll set up feeds and links to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, other social media pages, and your ffn/AO3 story page. Please note that in order to stream your FB Group onto your page, it cannot be a closed group. If you’re hosting prompts only on Facebook as a closed group and you want your prompts on your page, you have to email us your images, and we can make a gallery for you. The only thing we won’t do is host the stories themselves. That must be done at a place like Ffn or AO3 or the like.

If you just want us to help get the word out, we’ll include it on our ‘Current Contests’ widget on the sidebar of the home page, and it’ll be listed along with any other contests going on. In addition, you’ll be messaged by one of our reporters who will do a write up on your contest, and we’ll have it up as an article.

One week after your contest concludes and awards have been handed out, we’ll move your page as it is to The Archives. If you have graphics for your awards, just send them over with an accompanying list of winners, and we’ll update your Contest page with it before we Archive it.

The Fandom Phonebook is meant to be a source of contact for all the fandom people. The forms give the option for readers, writers, betas, and graphic artists to share as much or as little contact information as they please, making getting in contact with your favorite people that much easier.

The Interviews and Podcasts page is pretty self explanatory. It will house all the Interviews we hold with authors as well as any fandom podcasts created. Way back when there were a few floating around. I have an idea or two for my own. If anyone is interested, get in touch, and we’ll kick some ideas around.

The Prompts page streams Pins from our Pinterest, posts from Tumblr, and we may include a Twitter feed at some point for written prompts. Visit this page if you need to get your creative juices flowing.

The Recs page will hold all story recommendations. If you have something that you feel we need to read and thus report on, submit a form to us! Tell us why you love the story, what the author does that pulls you into it. We may get in contact with you for more details on it, but one of our reporters will definitely go on the hunt for thoughts and feelings from a variety of readers.

The Directory page is a big page. It holds two directories of its own: One for Betas and Prereaders and one for Graphic Artists. If you need one of the three, that’s where you’ll find them if they’ve submitted their info. In addition to these, is a classifieds section for folks to submit ads to. That way betas, prereaders, and graphic artists have a place to look for things to do as well. Plot bunnies, banners, In Search Of (beta, graphic artist, collaborator, etc), Story Adoptions, etc will all be located there.

The Forms page is the way to get all information submitted to TFN. If you want to be an Affiliate, need a Contest page hosted, want to be listed in the Directory, need to submit a Classifieds ad, want to be listed in the Fandom Phonebook, want to be added as a user on our private subreddit (r/TwiFandomNews), want to submit a story for us to Rec, want to write a letter to the Editor, or if you’re interested in having your podcast hosted, submit a form! Contact us if you have any foul ups with the functionality of the site or if there’s a form that’s needed and not in existence. We’ll get you squared away with whatever your need may be!

I hope that TFN helps keep you up to date on the latest of what’s going on in the fandom whether it be a rising story, a charity, a contest, or if it simply inspires you to pick up the proverbial pen and give TwiFic a spin. Keep in touch, dear readers!
Editor in Chief


5 Responses to “Verbal Walk Through

  • Sagsdown
    6 months ago

    Looking forward to more.

  • Great site!

    I’m looking forward to your posts!

  • Thank you for site. Sounds very refreshing…. I was folloving TwiFicSisters for years before they ended theri site and I am happy to see your site. 🙂

    • Editor In Chief
      6 months ago

      You’re welcome Darlin! I used to be in the fandom way back when and I followed all sorts of blogs and sites. I was extremely sad to see almost all of them gone when I came back, so I decided to try to remedy the situation a little bit. I have a kickass staff so I have faith they’ll do amazing things with the site. 🙂

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