An Author Interview with Cheryl, a.k.a. Sunshine1220

There are many great Authors in the TwiFandom. It was difficult to pick one to interview and pick their brain. But alas, this particular author really stuck out to me.

I discovered Cheryl when her story Forged by Fire was a rec in Meteoronamoonlesnight’s group. The story hooked me on her. I was so happy when she agreed to let me interview her.

Me: Hey Cheryl, I was wondering if I could interview you for an article that would be posted on
Cheryl: Wow! Really?!? That would be cool… I think, lol! For which story?

Me: Not a story it would be about just you. LoL How you got into fanfiction, your favorite story, stuff like that.
Cheryl: Oh, okay. Cool! Yeah, I’m not that interesting, but sure. Could be the most boring interview you’ve ever conducted. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, lol! ?

Me: Not possible lol. Ok first question is..what got you into fanfiction?
Cheryl: I bought all the movies on a Black Friday a few years ago, having never seen them, or even read the Twilight books. I binged on them over a weekend, and went straight to the library to borrow the books. I read them all several times, renewing them over and over, so you know I felt like I needed more. I’m pretty sure I was online looking for the car, Bella’s Guardian from BD, to see what it looked like, which led me to a blog. Reading through it, I found something I had never heard of… Fanfiction. The story Wide Awake was mentioned. I clicked the link, downloaded the story, and the rest is history.

Me: We have something in common Wide Awake was my first fanfic also lol. What would you say is your favorite fanfic that you have read?
Cheryl: Oh, man. There’s NO way I can pick a favorite. The list is just too long. Though, WA holds a special place in my heart for being the story that got me hooked. The closest I can come is choosing a favorite genre. I think period stories are my favorite.

Me: I am right there with you, I wouldn’t be able to choose either. Do you only read and write Twilight fanfiction?
Cheryl: Yes, it’s my one and only, LOL!

Me: Yes lol. Ok, what inspired you to start writing your own stories?
Cheryl: That’s a tough one. I think after reading so many great stories, I was…inspired?? I was going through a lot of personal issues at the time I found FF, and it gave me a place to get lost in whatever emotion or world I needed at the moment. I always had ideas and stories floating around in my head, and I started to type some of them out. I hadn’t written anything in many, many years, but always enjoyed it when I was younger. But, life, family, kids… it all took center stage. But, I thought about how writing made me feel, so I decided to do this one thing for myself, something I wanted to try. It was last year when I started writing. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with brain cancer, and I needed somewhere to escape to, an outlet of sorts. I actually wrote what became my Age of Edward entry first, and then several chapters of Forged By Fire. Gabby1017‘s weekly updates of Rescue Ink always included her encouraging words to contact her or the Pay It Forward FB group if you were looking for assistance. So, after conversing through PMs, I sent her the first chapter of FBF, and before I knew it, I was in touch with SunflowerFran and a few weeks later, I was posting it.

Me: Awe, I am sorry about you MIL. My own is battling colon cancer. We don’t know how much longer we have with her. I love FBF. It was an amazing story, well all your stories are amazing but still lol. Do you make your own banners, or do you have someone that helps you?
Cheryl: Thanks. She was diagnosed in October, and she was gone in January, so it was very quick. Banners… Both. My first one for FBF was made by 2browneyes(May T Brown) as well as the one for Take Me Higher. My son helped me with my banner for Duplicity, and ceceprincess, Cecilia Melton, helped with my banner for A Rainbow After the Storm, and the others I’ve made myself. So, help from many, and a lot of trial and error on my part!

Me: My condolences. The banners are amazing all around. Out of all the fics you have written, do you have a favorite one?
Cheryl: It’s kind of like asking a parent which child is their favorite, lol! FBF will always be special to me, simply because it was my first. They really all are my favorite, in different ways.

Me: Yes, I know, I think  I wrote my very first fic when I was 18. I took it down, but I just love it lol. Did you make the banner for you group?
Cheryl: Yes, I made the group banner. I love trying new apps, lol!

Me: And the last question is, what advice would you give other writers?
Cheryl: My advice to other writers… Well, I think I’m the last one to give advice, as I’m usually the first one to seek it. But, I think I’d have to say that we should write the story we want to tell. Don’t allow negative opinions to crowd your head. This should be something we love, not something we dread or trudge through. And for new writers or writers thinking about putting themselves out there… Just do it!! Take the plunge. This fandom has been so amazing in its support of my stories. There were some willing to take a shot with a newbie, and have been an amazing support from the beginning. And they’ll help you, too! I’ve met some amazing people and made some great friends. This thing we all love to be a part of only exists because we hold each other up, support one another.

Me: Thank you so much for answering my question. oh FYI not boring at all lol
Cheryl: LoL! And if you could tell my kids I’m not boring, that would be great!! Thanks for the opportunity, Alyscia!! This was more fun than I thought it would be!

Oh, she is awesome. You can read her stories here.

And if you would like to keep up to date with teasers and current on goings, join her group on Facebook.

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