Subject: Edward Cullen, aka The Womanizer by ericastwilight

I came across this particular story back in 2016.  Bella Swan takes on clients that have womanizing ways and turns them into better men. Edwards family goes to her to get help for him. She definitely turns Edwards world upside down, but she falls for her subject, which never happens to Bella. This story has a little bit of everything.

I fell in love with this story, because it has a very confident, sexual Bella. The development of the characters was amazing to read, and I am not the only one who enjoyed this story.

Lizzie: This is one of my absolute favorites! 🙂

Christy: This one is great!

Kim: Great story! Read it as a wip. Has a little of everything in it from humor, romance, angst, passion, and, of course, sexy times. Lots of sexy time.

Because I am just someone who has to get nosey, I contacted the author and asked for insight.

Me: What inspiration did you use for Subject: Edward Cullen, aka The Womanizer?
: I found inspiration in various things, including Brittney Spear’s song Womanizer, well the video. In the video, she dresses up as different woman, all catching the womanizer’s eye. I thought, huh, what would happen if a woman becomes a womanizer’s dream come true, and then smashes his heart. Would it teach him a lesson? What happens if she falls in love too? So, that’s basically how the fic was born, that and I hated Edward as a womanizer in almost every fic that came out at the time. LoL

Me: Was it hard writing these kinds of characters?
: Yes and no, let me explain. As I said before, I hate Edward as a womanizer, it goes against my love for canon Edward. But, in that hate for that kind of Edward, it allowed me to write a compelling Edward with hidden nuisances that are rarely are seen by women. They tend only to see the handsome, womanizing exterior, and treat him as such. Bella on the other hand, was the tougher of the two. Here we had a strong woman that did a lot, but didn’t really think that she didn’t need to do all these things to make her a strong, capable woman. She needed to except help without thinking it made her weak for needing it, and she was not always right in her way of thinking. That was hard, I have a hard time saying no, I’m a people pleaser, and in a way Bella was too. She wanted to be the person people went to for help, not realizing that she needed some herself.

 Me: Was it hard to keep motivation to write this particular story?
At the time, no it wasn’t hard to find motivation. There was a lot of good fic out there, my time wasn’t consumed by kids, sports and trying to make a living, and there were endless photos from the movies to keep me motivated. Reviews helped a lot too, and to this day sometimes help me keep going even when writer’s block erects a wall around me.

 Me: What would you want people to know about this story?
To go in expecting the unexpected, to have a good time reading it, and though there is quite a bit of angst during the entire story, there’s also some laughs, a whole lot of sexy times, and I hope a lot of love, too.

Me: What advice if any do you have for other writers?
Find something that inspires you, be it a photo, a poem, or even a scene in a movie, and build a story around it. Don’t worry if someone has already told that story, it hasn’t been told by you. Write and write some more, inspiration is all around you.

Erica has written many other amazing stories you can find here.

And if you want to keep update to date with her you can join her Facebook group.

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  • Lizzie Lee
    6 months ago

    Awesome interview! This is one of my favorite fanfics of all time! I wish I could interview all of my favorite fanfic authors! lol. I have so many questions!

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