An Interview with Belynda from Smut Sluts and Angst Whores

When I came back into the fandom, one of the first names I came across was Sarcastic Bimbo, a.k.a. Belynda. On almost every other story I was reading, I saw her name as a pre-reader or a beta. Then, I came across her funny amazing blog.

On her blog, Smut Sluts and Angst Whores, she recommends Twilight Fanfiction that she has read, but that not all. She also writes the current goings on and my favorite hilarious GIFs.

I went on and to find out about the woman behind the awesome sarcastic gifs.

Belynda: If you have time now, I can answer your questions. ?

Me: I sure do! I have to ask how you decided to start your blog?
Belynda: There used to be a blog called The International House of Fan Fiction, and that blog went out of production about a year before I started my blog, maybe more. But I missed it. And I didn’t/don’t really read any of the other blogs for fics, so that’s why I started mine.

Me: I am so happy you did, because you rec awesome stories plus, its entertaining lol. How do you decide what stories you are going to rec?
Belynda: Well, when I first started the blog I was trying to do it weekly and I really tried to have a theme each week. That got to be WAAAAAYYYY too much. I started to feel like I was ONLY reading for the blog, and doing no pleasure reading…so now I just read what I want to, and when I find stories that grab me by the face and won’t let go until I’ve read the last word??? THAT’S how I decide what goes in the blog, now. ?Like, when I read the first chapter of the story Saudade by Violet Bliss, I LEGIT got goosebumps. I absolutely HAD to put it in the blog.

Me: I am sure there were people reading it. I know when I got back into the fandom I immediately sought your blog out. What do you consider your favorite story, or genre? I am sure for you this might be impossible lol
Hands down, my favorite story is The Age of Innocence by pattyrose. That story is just so PERFECT. I loved it so much I’m afraid to read it again. I have been a VORACIOUS reader since my third-grade teacher started us on the Little House books. I couldn’t even begin to guess how many commercially available books or fan fiction stories I’ve read in my lifetime …The Age of Innocence is LITERALLY the BEST piece of literature I’ve ever read. Favorite genre? Probably MobWard. Once I read my first, There Will Be Blood and the sequel by johnnyboy7, yeah, I was gone. I love Mobward….but my favorite stories from that genre are The Princess and the E by CLWN and This Life by CaraNo. ?

Me: I love MobWards too, they have to be written well you know? I’m addicted to Duplicity by Sunrise1220. I really need to read The Age of Innocence. I have been meaning too. Wow! What about it makes you say that, of course now I’ll have to read it, like right now.
That story is just fucking magic. That’s all I can tell you. It starts out with Bella on her 90th birthday, waiting for her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids to come celebrate it with her…and her granddaughter laments what happened on 9/11, how the US lost its innocence…and Bella starts telling the story of her life and how she met a copper-haired boy in Washington in the late 30s and runs all the way through WWII. And how it ends…I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I can tell you that I get goosebumps from listening to music a lot. I have only gotten goosebumps from watching one movie and reading 2 fics. LOL

Me: You also beta and pre-read, how did that happen?
Belynda: Ah, well, Shadow Masen got me started pre-reading. I was reading her story, How to Forget (I don’t remember if she was still writing it or if I was just reviewing the completed fic a lot), and she liked a lot of what I had to say to her in my reviews. So, when her original pre-readers no longer wished to pre-read her new story, Come Back Tomorrow, she asked me if I would like to do it. Which I TOTALLY jumped on, because who doesn’t want their updates before anyone else, right? LOL! With betaing, I just started offering to do it for people and finally, either it was MarieCarro or KoalaLou who took me up on it to start with. LOL Yes, I had and still have totally selfish motivation for pre-reading and betaing.

Me: HA! Yes, I would be selfish too. How long have you been in the Twilight Fandom?
Belynda: I came to it REALLY late. I didn’t pay any attention to it for the longest time. My son had told me about the books and he thought they were okay. So, I actually ordered them from a book club and owned them for OVER A YEAR before I broke down and read them. I had wanted to wait to read the books until I saw all the movies and I didn’t want to wait to see them, so I was gonna wait until they were ALL on DVD. That plan got BLOWN out of the water when I saw the trailer for BD1 on TV. Where Jake’s fantasizing about B in the coffin? Yeah, I saw her in the coffin and I went over to my book shelf and grabbed Twilight and started reading. I didn’t stop reading (except to sleep a couple of hours here and there) all that weekend. I’d say it had to have been somewhere between August and October of 2011 before I read the books. And I didn’t discover fanfiction until the next summer. I haven’t read any other original fiction, except for something by CD Reiss, and a few published fics since I discovered fan fiction in 2012.

Me: Same here, I just love fanfiction. Like you, I didn’t read any of the books till 2010. What year did you start your blog?
No, I didn’t read any of the books until somewhere between August and November of 2011. I started my blog in September of 2016.

Me: Whoops my bad, lol I swore I read 2010 blah. Ok Last question, what advice would you give writers?
Write for yourself first. Write the kind of stories that YOU want to read. And when you get any kind of inspiration, WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN. LOL Inspiration can come from anywhere, you know? I was reading through some story summaries on Wattpad one day a couple of years ago and found one with a summary that said, “What would happen if Bella’s blood was a cure for vampirism?” And 5 minutes later I had most of a story and all plotted out in my head. I still have to finish writing it, of course. But I’d ALWAYS rather be reading than doing anything else.

Me: Thank You so much for answering my questions. You are the best!

You can check out Belynda’s Blog Smut Sluts and Angst Whores here.

If you would like to keep up with her postings or just to keep up with her, join her Facebook group.

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  • Sue Crane
    6 months ago

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I’ve not read anything except FanFiction since 2010. My daughter told me about these great vampire romance books, I found the partial Midnight Sun and that was all she wrote. I’ve no idea how long it will be til I pick up another non fanfic. Great interview Belynda and happy you’re my beta too

  • Cool interview!

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