An Interview with the Authors of Chimera

Summary: Bella Swan has lived a sheltered life, and chooses to go to college as far from home as her strict parents will allow. She runs into Edward Cullen, a gorgeous law student. They become friends and one night cross the line of friendship in a way that will alter the life of both of them more than anyone can ever believe. When DNA doesn’t tell the same story Bella tells, how will her young life be altered?

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This gem I came across when I was binge reading WeeKittyandTAT stories. It captured me immediately from the first chapter when Bella was trying to come out of her shell and making amazing friends in her roommates. Her life already hard, but when Edward shows interest in her and attempts a relationship, things begin to get misunderstood between the two because of his sister Alice.

I had to ask some other fans of the story what they thought was amazing about Chimera.


Virginia: The suspense of knowing the truth.

Pam: Seeing how all the pieces come together and how love over comes extraordinary odds.

I need to know what went through the author’s brain when coming up with a story as twisted as Chimera.

Me: Would this be a good time to talk to you guys about Chimera?
: : Sure 😀 Kasi is at work so she may take a few to answer.

Me: That’s ok I won’t complete anything till I have everything I want lol. My first and foremost question, how did you two awesome ladies come up with Chimera?
Kasi: I’m here off and on.
Nikky: Kasi and I were talking, and I was telling her about a story I read where the mother was going to have her children taken off, because the DNA test said there weren’t hers, and it turned out she was a Chimera, and we though that would be good story line, to have Edward as a Chimera.

Me: Wow, When I first saw the direction of the story I thought of a TV show, CSI, I think it was that did something similar.  You guys always write amazing twists and turns.
: I am sure Kasi will add a little to that…?
She’s on it LoL
and yes, I saw the CSI one too, and that’s what Kasi brought up LoL

Me: Awesome lol, was is hard to villainize Alice and Angela in such a way when everyone usually writes them as Bella’s BFF’s?
I think one thing that we thrive on doing is making evil people, good and good people, evil.
I think Angela is one of my favorite people to make evil because she is so wholesome and sweet.
yeah ?

Me: No, they are not lol. I love it. I don’t think I have ever hated an Alice so much, or even Charlie, well this Charlie and the Charlie from Meeting Her Needs lol.
How long did it take you guys to write Chimera having to go back and forth, or does one write one chapter and the other write another, like back and forth?
Generally Nikky and I discuss what we are going to do. She writes out her part and I go through, make edits, and add my twists to it, and we go from there. We work very well together, and after 50 stories together, we still enjoy writing together versus writing alone
More often than not, we both have the same idea, or where we want a character to go to. We have very similar thinking.
Right but we still like hash out stories all the time on Skype. We have somewhere around 30 or so that we WANT to write or work on and that does include some original fic work we want to do. I was once told I write three things very well:




Nikky: lol

Me: Oh, that is so awesome. It must be so awesome to have been doing this together all this time and still have amazing chemistry when it comes to writing. What would you tell a reader about this story, whether it’s a warning or, fun fact lol.
Kasi: I always warn people about the fact that there is a rape storyline in Chimera, however I think we did our utmost best to keep it from being all about the rape or to make the rape aspect so visualized that is was shoving it down the readers throat.
Nikky: Yes
Kasi: I guess the fun fact is to expect the absolutely unexpected. No one considers Alice so evil or Angela either. Not to mention Ben is usually the good guy, and our James was AWESOME!

Me: He is Awesome, I love him in Chimera. Ok guys I just have one last Question…What advice would you give to fellow writers?
Nikky: I would say have an outline, a plot, have it noted, write down characters information, and a time line worked out, so that you can remind you self when something happened.  When a baby should be born…. etc..  Kasi and I most always have one, and we keep it updated when we add some new.

Kasi what are your thoughts?

Me: No hurry @Kasi Maakestad I’m cooking and yelling at my boys lol. I have to thank you guys so much for answering some questions. And I love your stories. I have read all of them, plus reread several of them. lol
Nikky: *hear emoji*
Kasi: I think for us the biggest thing we do that keeps us inline is to talk about the story a lot However, I will tell you that ever story I have ever written alone, I have never used an outline.
Nikky: :p
Kasi: I love flying by the seat of my pants LOL
Nikky: I have to have an even smaller outline, but sometime the character takes me down a side road. That’s always fun. LOL

Me: Yes, you guys have been so awesome, seriously. I even managed not to completely fangirl while talking to you guys.

How awesome are they? If you want to read Chimera or any of their work you can find them on FF or on Stars.

And if you want to keep up with Nikky and Kasi and their stories join their Facebook group.

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