It’s Twi Fic Meetup Planning Time!


I don’t know about you, but I deal with so many acronyms at work. I normally hate them. Well, there is one acronym TFMU––If you are a Twific connoisseur like moi––that you want to know about, investigate, and yes (praise Edward Cullen), participate in. Indeed, that’s right, it’s Twi Fic Meetup (TFMU) planning time, or as some say ‘the most wonderful time of the year’!

Here are the Deets!


WHEN: And when I say planning, I mean it literally. Currently there is a survey LINK HERE where you can vote (I love being able to give my input) for a date that works the best for you. It’s a tight race so you want to vote. The poll with all of the options closes in a few days, and then they’ll be a runoff of the top two until November 30th. Here’s a pic of the current results, it’s a tight race so go rock the vote.


WHERE: This year the TMFU is invading Atlanta (Hotlanta as I like to call it). The hotel is the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta, Peachtree Center Ave. I’ve actually recently been to this hotel. Last May, I attended the Romantic Time Writer and Reader’s Conference, and it was at this hotel. I spent five glorious nights with all of the book and romance loving peeps. The hotel was a nice venue and will be a great fit for TFMU. I flew from LA to Atlanta and took the MARTA (the public train) right from the Atlanta airport to the hotel. Super easy, even for a suburbanite gal like me. To keep up on the festivities, you can join the official TFMU: The Official TwiFic Meetup Facebook group.

COST: Once a date is picked, registration will open on December 2nd. Just in time to add this to your holiday gift list. I know it’s what I’ll be asking for. The cost will be $150 and will include Friday and Saturday events and panels (meeting rooms), Friday night drink and mingle party, and lots of awesome swag. Here’s a LINK to the details. Last year my flight round trip, non-stop LA to Atlanta was around $300. I always shop for the best deals and usually a few weeks after Christmas, you can score great airfare deals.

WHY: I can tell you that I attended the very first TWFU back in 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. See the pic of the awesome badge holder that still hangs on my hat rack, a daily reminder of that great time. Because real life can sometimes suck, I haven’t been able to attend one since. Reflecting on the past seven years, I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, but one constant has been Twific. In my darkest days, amazing stories were there to help get me through. This community is truly amazing and having a weekend to celebrate that with like-minded people is something so special it should be bottled. I’m going to try my best to attend in 2018. I hope to meet you all there. I can attest that the lemon drop martini at the Marriott lounge bar is amazeballs. Who’s coming to having one with me?

Reported By: Reporter Delta Daphne René


2 Responses to “It’s Twi Fic Meetup Planning Time!

  • Alyscia Northrup
    5 months ago

    I wish I had the money to go. It would be so much fun.

    • Editor In Chief
      5 months ago

      I feel you, the only reason I’m getting to go is because I live so close to Atlanta. Otherwise I’m in the same boat as you.

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