Lonely in Your Nightmare by RobzBeanie

New neighbor Edward really gets Bella’s heart pumping, but what nightmarish secrets is he hiding? Will he ever let her in? Daddyward.

I found this slow burn story in The No Rules Twilight fan fic Recs Club, and I was hooked just after one Chapter. It is a WIP. The author posts every Monday and Thursday.
Bella is a teacher at Forks elementary when she gets a new mysterious neighbor with a baby. She finally meets Edward, her neighbor and his son Masen. Edward is from Chicago, and as the story goes, you find out that he is a widower and not ready to move on from his wife.
Bella and Edward are becoming good friends as she helps him with his son. Teaching him to cook different meals and babysits when he’s working.
Edwards family is pushing gently for him to move on and start dating. He doesn’t want to, because he is still in love with his passed wife. This is a slow and cute reading of the dynamics of these two.

I’m not the only one that is enjoying this jewel.
Hilda: I’m really enjoying it!
Christy: I really like it a lot so far.
Shannon: I’m enjoying it. Slow burning, grieving E.
Heather: I’ve been loving it! It’s got the most understanding Bella ever just about.
Melissa: It’s awesome! All of her fics are!!!
Come check it out here.
If you want to read more of her work, here is her page.

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