Evil Deceit by AmethystGold

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Evil Deceit By: AmethystGold
Bella wants to hurt the one who hurt her, but deceit is deceptive. CheatersContest Entry.

Frannie: This is so good!!

Monica: It has been great so far

Oh, the first chapter really gets you worked up. I am assuming this was the original entry for the contest. I am so happy she decided to continue the story.

Bella gets a damming video of Edward cheating on her with a colleague from work. Bella decides to get revenge, but everything she knew was an elaborate set up by her mother in law.

Bella decides she’s going to fight to keep Edward despite what Esme is threatening. She tells Edward that she is going out for coffee, and she will wake him up when she gets back. Edward ends up waking himself hours later.

Panicked, he calls people that may have heard from her when none of them have. He calls Charlie and then his parents. Bella becomes officially missing.

This story has me wanting more. This is definitely something that peaks the interest of that sick part of me that likes dark stories.

Amy does give Bella’s view on where she is at. It is sad, and I hope in future chapters she gets saved.

With that in mind, there are triggers regarding to sexual assault.

I am not one for cheater stories. I’m very much against them, but this is something entirely different. Believe me, I could not recommend if it wasn’t something worth breaking one of my rules for. Because of this, I sought the author out to answer some questions.

Me: Hi Amy, I was wondering if I could ask a few questions about Evil Deceit for a rec article I am writing for TwifandomNews?
Amy: Wow, how nice of you to consider writing about my story! I’d be happy to chat with you. Let me know when you would like to connect.

Me: Are you free right now? I had to. You got me to break one of my rules lol.
Amy: Yes, now is fine. And I can’t wait to hear which one of your rules you broke!

Me: The cheating one. I won’t read cheating fics lol. I read that this was originally a fic for a contest. What made you decide to go back and write more?
Amy: Oh my gosh, when I wrote the one shot, I had absolutely no intention of continuing the story. None! But, so many people asked for more, that I decided to see what I could put together. Part of my reluctance was based on the fact that I didn’t think the situation could be resolved quickly. I wasn’t interested in Bella saying, ‘Esme tricked me’ and Edward saying ‘okay, I forgive you’ then everything’s back to being fine in a week or two. Even though this is fiction, there are very real issues that need to be addressed if a couple is going to recover from this type of betrayal. I didn’t want to gloss over that, so I knew continuing the story would be a pretty big commitment. As an aside, I only wrote the one-shot because I wanted to see if I could write a decent lemon. True story.

Me: You did amazing on the lemon for sure. I was so into it lol. I am so happy you decided to take the story on. How weird is it to write Esme as a bad guy? I think this is one of the first stories I have read that Esme is a bitch.
Amy: Well, thank you! I confess that my head is a scary place sometimes, lol! However, once I struck upon the idea of Esme being the mastermind, the idea really grew on me. I had lots of fun creating her backstory to support why she did what she did. Some of that will come out in future chapters.

Me: Oh, I can’t wait to read it. ? What is something you would want your readers to know about this story, warning or fun fact?
Amy: I really appreciate the folks who are reading it. I know that the storyline is not of interest to everyone, so I appreciate those who have given it a shot. As for warnings, I gave one when I started the continuation, and it still stands. It’s going to get dark. Any reader who’s worried about that can PM, and I’ll tell them what I can. A fun fact is that while I was writing the one-shot, I hadn’t decided who “J” was going to be. At various times, I was thinking of him as Jasper and at other times as James. Naturally, I finally did decide, and readers will find out who he is later on.

Me: Oh, you have us on edge. God, I love it! You girly, are evil..and awesome. lol. I am looking forward to more, do you know how many chapters there are going to be or are you still writing it?
Amy: Thank you! You are great for my ego!  I’m still writing, so I’m not sure how many more chapters there will be, other than ‘a lot’.

Me: Yes! I like to hear that lol Ok, I know this is your first story, but what advice would you give for other writers?
Amy: JUST DO IT!  LOL Seriously, just put words on paper (or screen) and do it. Readers in this fandom are so supportive.

Me: That’s right! Love it. They are, aren’t they. I love every single one that I have gotten to talk to.
Amy: I agree 100 percent! Can I give a shout out to the folks at Cheatward’s Spot Facebook group? They are the ones who ran the original contest that started Evil Deceit and have been huge cheerleaders for me in this process.

Me: Yes!!
Amy: Great. And I have one question for you… What made you break your rule and read Evil Deceit in the first place?

Me: The summary, and when I got into reading it, I just couldn’t stop. I got the revenge sex totally, then when the end happened at the first chapter, I was just nooooooo, I had to know what happened. So, thank you for continuing lol.
Amy: That’s great! I’m glad you gave the story a chance. Thanks for inviting me to chat. I look forward to the article.

Me: Thank you so much for your time sweets. I will send you the link once it’s been posted. ? You have been a blast to talk to.

If you want to join us on this journey you can read it on FanFiction or Stars.

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