Unplanned Perfection by littlecat358

Unplanned Perfection by: littlecat358
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I found this beauty when I was taking a break and just reading back in 2014. I fell in love with it.

Bella and Edward have a crush on each other, but no one is the wiser. One crazy summer night, Edward is drunk, and high, and has sex with Bella. The problem being, Bella was a virgin and Edward wasn’t gentle with the love making. Years later, Bella moves back to Forks with her son, the product of the one-night stand with Edward. She has hidden the father’s identity, but when the Cullen’s decide to move back to Forks, the secret gets out.

This story is amazing, and I have re-read it more than once. It does have HEA, but it’s not a smooth ride getting there.

I’m not the only one that that enjoys the story. I asked others what they thought about Unplanned Perfection.

Dawn: I liked how great of a relationship Bella had with Charlie. Plus, this Bella was so strong.

Kimberley: I loved how Edward especially developed as a character from someone not so likable to such a great character. I also liked the HEA wasn’t just smooth sailing. There were still problems they worked through together.

Jackie: I always love a well written FF story, and this was definitely one of the best.

I couldn’t help but seek out the author in hopes to find out her thoughts behind the story.

Me: What was your inspiration for Unplanned Perfection?
littlecat358: Well, I actually don’t remember what my inspiration was because it was so long ago. I remember a friend telling me about fan fiction and thinking is was silly, but I started reading anyway. Then I thought, I wonder if I could do that . . . write a story. I’d always been a writer, but I never completed anything. It was a learning process, because while I knew the overall arch I wanted to do, I didn’t always know the direction I was going to take from week to week.

Me: Was it hard to write a HEA with the beginning of Edward and Bella’s relationship being rough?
littlecat358: I wouldn’t say it was hard to write the HEA because I’d already taken them so far, but it was hard to get there. I’ve been accused of being a man hater or a Bella lover and all manner of other things because of the way I wrote the story. There were people that really hated me for writing the story the way that I did. Honestly, though, I’m neither. I’ve never justified either of their behavior as an author. THEY try to justify their behavior because that’s what people do. People don’t always act the way they should, or the way others want them to and human nature is to try to defend our behaviors so that we don’t feel guilty for the decisions we make. As the story progressed, they both realized that they made mistakes. They allowed assumptions and their own insecurities to make their decisions. Only then could they forgive themselves and each other — allowing for the HEA.

Me: What would you want People to know about this story? Fun Fact or warning?
littlecat358: I think that people that haven’t read the story need to be prepared for the characters not to go the way they want them to. It’s not meant to be an easy ride. And you’re not meant to really take sides. Also, remember that this was my first story. lol. If I could go back and make changes, I absolutely would, but it took me 9 months of 10,000 word chapters every week to write it. I had a lot more time back then. 🙂

Me: What advice, if any do you have for other writers?
littlecat358: Advice for other writers would be to really focus on dialog and emotion. Read a conversation between characters out loud and ask yourself if it sounds like a conversation real people might have. Don’t force it. And don’t get too technical. When I’m writing, I play scenes in my head like a movie. I try to emulate the emotion I want into my writing. Also, find someone you trust to give it to you straight. If you’re putting your writing out there for everyone to read, you really need someone who is going to tell you when something doesn’t make sense. When a storyline goes wonky or when a scene doesn’t feel right, you need someone who is going to red pen the crap out of your work not to make you feel bad, but to make it better. I have been really fortunate over the years to have several friends do that for me. Yes, there has been tension and my feelings have been hurt here and there, but I realize that they are only doing it to help me.

Read Unplanned Perfection here.

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  • This is one of the best fics in the fandom! Truly one of the big ones. Loved it.

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