An Interview with Graphic Artist, Tiffani Woody

Me: What got you into fan fiction?
Tiffani: My children of all things. I have 6. 1 set is 24, 23, and 22 (all born girls – 1 is trans now but it makes for a long interview.) They were all at the inception of Twilight. I, being a mom who didn’t understand what had engaged my children’s love of reading, wanted to know. Since then, they have gone on with their lives, with the exception of the youngest who went with me to FTF this year. Now, I’ve passed the obsession on to my younger brood.

FanFiction in particular caught my attention when I found out they were dabbling in it. Well, I never did figure out who they were, but I have a very twisted crush on Jasper. Fanfiction allowed me to delve into what my mind’s eye saw as the real Jasper. Not the tame pet the Cullen’s cultivated, but the feral, dominant beast I saw in him.

Me: What was the first fic you read?
Tiffani: I’m honestly trying to think but The God of War stands out. I remember MOTU, and there was one I have yet to find again that just crushed me, but it had a HEA if I remember – Jasper was gay. Bella is his BFF and roomie. Edward broke it off for the last time, and they got drunk and did the deed. The next day he woke up saying it was a mistake. He spent 2 weeks ignoring her so she packed what was left of her life, which was nothing more than material things, and moved out. I think she cut off cell phones and all. I remember, she came around a corner and saw him having fun with a non-named Jacob, and that sealed it for her. Or maybe it was the other way around. All I know is that one, while out of what I generally look for in a story for him, hit a nerve. I wish I knew the name and title because that author was okay.

And of course, right now after sleeping on Jamie’s doorstep for long enough apparently, the author is going to finish Learning to Kneel. Which at first, I assumed that was the title, but I’m now convinced the beautiful, twisted woman would in fact like us to kneel and bow for another chapter, as it’s already behind schedule, and where is the salad tossing????

I’m glad you agree about Jasper. Don’t get me started on Peter, or Malice…

Me: I’ll try not to lol. No promises though. What is your favorite genre and/or story?
: Phew. I could talk dom Jas/Pete all day.
My genre could be classified as Romance, but I like the Real Edgy in your Face, so don’t be a pussy, and fight for this romance. But I want real emotional pain. I can’t deal with these authors that end everything on a negative cliffy. Then solve it in the next chapter only to end in another identical chapter. There is an author on this site that no matter the feedback hasn’t gotten the message in 10 years. There is a story out there, and I am betraying my vamps, but is so well written, and it’s such a real raw look at what exactly it is to write about love without everything being perfect in the end. It’s a genre I call: Realistic Romance. Sometimes love can’t make it all better, but you’d be shocked by just what it can do.

If I was a professor teaching Romance Writing 101, it would be on the top of my syllabus.

“Chances” Returning home for a year, Bella struggles both with chances lost and taken and what to do with the last one she’ll ever have. It’s more complicated than she’d ever imagined. Raw, realistic and messy, this isn’t the typical JxB. It takes place 8 years after BD wedding.

Twilight, M, English, Angst & Romance, chapters: 17, words: 262k+, favs: 835, follows: 517, updated: Feb 16, 2014 published: Oct 21, 2013, Bella, Jacob.

Me: That’s awesome. The only thing left is, what advice would you give to fellow graphic artists?
Tiffani: The beauty about being a graphic artist in this day and time is that you have the ability to create your own niche. There has never been another time in our history when we can define who and what we are. Want to cater to social media, start somewhere like here and show your work. It’s easy to convince others that they need you when you have the idea, even more than the experience.

Me: That is great advice! Thank you so much for answering some questions!
Tiffani: My pleasure.

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