An Interview with Frannie Walsh aka SunflowerFran

I am sure you have heard of SunflowerFan if you are reading, well, anything. She has been a backer for many writers. She even has gone as far as getting a group and then a blog started to help writers.

I love both her group and blog. She is so encouraging to writers. I had to talk to this angel of twilight fandom to get to know more about her and the blog.

Me: What got you into the fandom?
Frannie: It’s a little depressing, but in 2008 my husband passed away at 55.  For a while I was lost, I needed something.  Maybe therapy, lol, but instead my daughter mentioned Twilight.  Now, I had heard about it a lot, but I thought … ‘who cares about vampires?’  Long story short, the next day I bought all the books, read them in a few days, and I was hooked. So … in essence, FF and the fandom saved me, and I will forever be grateful to the writers and try to give back as much as I can. That was a lot, I know …

Me: Oh, you don’t need to worry about anything. I know that right now I am suffering depression, and this fandom has really helped me a lot.
Do you remember the  first story you came across?
Frannie: I searched the web looking for outtakes from the movies … anything I could find.  And then I found a blog with Emancipation Proclamation and the rest was history. I found Twilight, but it was so hard to read on that site.  Then I found FF.

Me: That’s essentially how I stumbled into the fandom. ? How did you start Betaing?
Frannie: Once FF groups started I made friends online.  People started to talk, and it just happened.

Me: What was your first story you betaed (? not sure if that’s a word lol)
Franni: Oh, good one, and I have no idea.  I might be able to look it up, but I have no recollection.

Me: lol, that’s ok. Are you the wonderful person behind the Pay It Forward blog?
Frannie: I thought it was another layer, another step to take, but I am not that technically adept.  I compile all the information, the articles, and my friend, Amy, gets it into format.  It hasn’t taken off that much, not as well as the FB group, but it might get there. I’m prouder of the FB page.  I think that’s been a great stepping stone for new writers, and hopefully the blog will reach some others.

Me: Yes, I love the blog it’s amazing. I found it, of course, through numerous stories and the Facebook group. What is your favorite genre and/or story?
Frannie: Mobward  ? And I love second chance fics. I could never choose just one …

And, yes, I do read on FF, however, PIF allows writers to post their updates and new fics and list all platforms.  I am supportive of all writers, it’s just that FF is my place to read.

Me: Yes, I love FF, but I am also been favoring Stars. I read on so many platforms depending on the story. What inspired you to start the Pay It Forward blog?
Frannie: As I said, I wanted another layer … another platform or way to promote new writers.  First timers.  However, it’s hard to find them until they’ve posted. They aren’t savvy to the FB pages or blogs, and we don’t know they exist until they post, unless it’s by word of mouth. I’ve only been lucky enough to get a few so far. So, I’ve had to settle for other avenues … new fics by seasoned writers, reviews of older favorites.

Me: It is hard for the newbies. With a fandom like ours, it’s usually seasoned writers anymore. What advice would you give writers?
Frannie: Please keep writing.  Never be discouraged.

But I am encouraged each time someone new enters the fandom … it means it’s still thriving.  Even after all these years, we still love these characters so much.

And the friends I’ve made have been amazing.  I’ve visited their homes, met them for meetups, talked to them on the phone.  It has been a wonderful experience.

Me: I love seeing new people. I know I love your group and blog. I have to thank you so much for taking time out and answering some questions. ? You are an amazing person, and I am jealous that you have met the main man of all our dreams.
Frannie: OMG, that was something I’ll never forget.  I think about how I acted … I just sat there, watching, not wanting it to end, not wanting him to go off.  Not wanting to upset the apple cart that I couldn’t believe we were on.

What a chain of events!

Me: Yes, everything aligned for you
Frannie: Those were exactly my words.

Me: ? Lucky duck. Again, thank you so much. I will let you know when it gets posted.
Frannie: Thanks!

You can find Fran on FF, join her group, and of course, please check out the blog.

Reported By: Reporter Alpha Alyscia


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