Twilight Fanfiction Winterward Card Contest

Recently, my wonderful peer Reporter Alpha – Alyscia Northrup interviewed Frannie Walsh aka SunflowerFran, who runs he FB group Twilight FanFiction Pays it Forward. If you haven’t read the article you can find it here. On top of Frannie being one of the sweetest peeps in our fandom, she is hosting the Pay It Forward, Winterward Contest. Here’s the link.

Here’s a picture of the pinned post in the group with all of the deets:

Each morning I wake up, and while the doggies are eating, I look at the sample inspiration Fran posts and any new contest entries. Seriously, not just the cards, but her inspiration pics really put me into the holiday spirit. As of now, there are fourteen entries, but everyone would love to see more! There’s about a week left, they’re taking entries through December 20th, and how fun is it that entries will be announced on December 25th.

Personally, I’d love to a few specific entries. This glass might give you some inspiration of a Jewish Edward who is irritated with his friends and their Christmas celebrations so he sports this cup to the parties he attends. My hubs is Jewish and my niece bought him this cup to use at our family Christmas party. He loves this thing.

However, the one entry I’m dying to see, is the card from the family who has lost it. You know that family that posts everything on Facebook, oversharing how great life is, I want them to lose it and send the overly honest card. Example, Edward’s eyes aren’t really a pretty color, it’s contacts he wears, and he’s so vain he doesn’t want people to know his eyes are baby-crap green. Bella and Edward could be in couples counseling since the perfect marriage is not so perfect. Maybe Reneesme has been sent to an anti-bullying program because she picks on this overly sensitive kid named Jacob.

So make Frannie and the rest of the Fandom smile and make us a Winterward card to share in the contest! Please.

Reported By: Reporter Delta Daphne René


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