An Interview with Clo Rodeffer aka Heartfortwilight

Banners are a fun, and if you aren’t technically inclined, they’re hard to do. I, for one, am not good at it. When I came back to the fandom and started writing, Clo, a wonderful woman, said if I need one to contact her.

HeartfortwilightProduction is her banner and manip name, and I am sure you have come across her work. She has done several banners, including mine, for authors.The manips she creates for her stories are just a work of art.

If its not her banner skills you have seen, then it has to be from her amazing writing skills. She has several amazing fics.

I asked her if she would let me pick her mind about, not only her skills as a banner maker, but her amazing talent as a writer in our fandom.

Me: Hey Clo. I would like to interview you about your stories, and banners, and of course about you for an article to be published on Twi Fandom News. When you have the time of course.
Clo: Sure

Me: Do you have some time right now?
Clo: Sure

Me: What brought you into the awesome Twilight fandom?
Clo: I happened upon it in 2013. I had never read the books or even watched Twilight. Actually, it sat on the DVD stand for almost a year.  New Moon was about to come out in DVD, and my youngest daughter told me that I needed to watch it.  I did and fell in love.  I watched New Moon on DVD also.  I read the books in less than a week.  Eclipse was getting ready to come out, and our local theater had a Twilight marathon, which me and a friend went to.  After that, I was looking around the computer and happened upon Twilighted’s platform. I read from Twilighted and The Writers Coffee House, never even considering writing myself. Then, I was hit with a multitude of diseases that caused me not to be able to do what I had done for almost 40 years and that was crochet and knit. I have always been on the creative side and it was driving me crazy not being able to.  I had a plot for a story, and I began writing it.  That was January 2015.

Me: Your stories and banners are amazing. What got you into doing banners and manips?
Clo: I have been working with images since 1983.  I started out doing Manips, per say, with wedding photographs where the bride or groom would have their eyes closed.  Back then it was done by hand painting them in. I paid my way through college by taking church directory photos. I have done Manips, not for the Fandom, for years.  When I found the Fandom, I just carried over the knowledge that I acquired over the years.  I love doing Twilight, but I have done other fandoms as well.

Me: That is so awesome. What other fandoms have you done?
Clo: Stranger Things, Fifty Shades, Marvel’s, Superman… Lex

Me: I love Stranger Things. What is your favorite story and/or genre of the Twilight fandom?
: I love Mafia. I read so much of her work, and then suddenly, I got to be friends on Facebook with her.  I love Tufano79’s work.  I have reread her stories over and over again. Not only is she a talented author, but a wonderful person.

Me: She is, I love her work also, I have read all her work more than once too. What do you love about our fandom?
Clo: I love getting to know people who have similar interests.   I have met some very special people through the Fandom.

Me: I know. I don’t think I have ever felt so welcome before as I have now. What inspires you to write?
Clo: Images, music, the scenery on the drive to work, TV commercials, almost everything. I have a book of story lines waiting to be written

Me: How do you decide which ones you are going to start and publish for us to read?
Clo: I love getting my book group members involved.  I sometimes ask them what they would like to read next.   It also depends on how much research I have to do.  When I was writing the Bound Series, I was sure at any moment that the FBI would be knocking on my door questioning why I had downloaded so much about the Mob.

Me: LOL I can imagine if it looks anything like mine. lol.
Clo: I have note book full of research reference material.

Me: Wow, I love researching, I like learning new things. ? Do you write most of the story out before you post or are you on a chapter by chapter basis when you come to posting?
Clo: Chapter by chapter.  I feel that each story is a living thing.  I listen, not only to the characters taking, but also to my readers.  They sometimes remark on something that I never thought of.

Me: I have noticed that you are one of the very few that doesn’t post on FF. Is that a personal choice?
Clo: Actually, I did post in the beginning on FFN.  However, I became very upset by how they allow the authors to be bullied by Guest Reviewers.  It wasn’t me personally, but others.  Then they allowed another site to pirate our stories, which we never agreed to, and that site made money off them by selling ad space.  It took forever to get the other site down, but FFN refused to even return one email concerning the issue. I am a strong person and don’t mind criticism, but there are so many that can’t handle that type of abuse.  I am so afraid that one day a fragile person will get one of those hateful reviews and decide that the one thing that they thought was good, was not and will put an end to their life.

Me: I wish Stars would pick up more. I like it them more than FF, but FF is just the go to where people read and what not. It’s sad and, I hope one day that maybe things can change.
Okay, one last question. What advice would you give to writers and banner makers?
Clo: Follow your heart.  The love you have for Twilight, let that guide you.  Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone in stories or Manips. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or if you see a Manip that you think you could use, ask the designer for permission. I have a whole collection waiting for authors to use.  And lastly, find someone in the Fandom that you can trust to give you honest advice. Oh also, promote yourself on as many groups you can.  But, also post your stories on different platforms.

You can find Clo’s stories on Stars or her own website.

If you would like to see more of her work, you can join her Facebook group for banners.

If you would like to keep up with her writing, you can join this Facebook group.

Reported By: Reporter Alpha Alyscia

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