A Rec of Supernormal by cupcakeriot, Plus Author Interview

She is different. She is magic. And her life is unbelievably beyond normal – it’s supernormal. Featuring: M-rating for language and violence, magic rituals, strange creatures, stranger deaths, some citrus, realistic character development, and a super, super slow burn.

As in the description, it is a slow burn indeed. Supernormal was brought to my attention by Jamie. It peeked my curiosity, as it’s not something I would normally read. I have to be in the mood for certain types of stories. I love fantasy stories or supernatural types, but I have never been drawn to them in the Twilight fanfiction. I am happy that I decided to give it a chance.

In Supernormal Bella goes as Ella. Ella is a rare magical being called a Magician, not just any magician, a very powerful one. This is explained more in the story. Carlisle adopts her after finding her on the streets trying to steal from him. He takes her in at sixteen, teaches her about magic, and trains her to the best of her ability. Ella has had a hard life before Carlisle took her in. Which causes her to push people away and look at everything with very little hope.

Edward goes by Anthony, and he is a werewolf. He is next in line to be alpha. As the story goes along, he does become an alpha alongside his mother. Anthony is ridden with angst and a knowledge that he can’t divulge without hurting people.

I want to keep telling you everything, but there is so much; you will have to go read it yourself. You just have to. I binged on this story once it was introduced to me. I am sure once you start, you will do the same.

It is a WIP, a little bit drabblish, and it’s broken into parts.

I contacted the author to pick her brain about this wonderful fic of hers.

Me: What inspired you to write Supernormal?
Cupcakeriot: I’ve been playing with the idea of a story like it for a few years. There was something appealing about writing a story that is driven entirely by the characters, instead of being driven by the plot. By this I mean to say that all the twists and turns that happen in this story are specifically because of the characters – especially the main protagonist. Ella is the most complicated character I’ve ever written. She’s damaged; she has issues; she has more potential than she knows what to do with; and she has a past that she doesn’t even know about. Because Ella exists and because all of Ella’s actions drive the plot forward, she becomes a catalyst for other characters – specifically, the characterization that other characters are given and the actions that they take. Ella’s complexity is the inspiration for the story.

Me: Did it take long to make such a detailed world?
Cupcakeriot: The world in which the story takes place is basically an answer to the characters that exist within in. Like, in what world could a character like Ella exist? I had to figure that out – to how much realism I could cram into a suspension of belief. The creation of Charmstone, the legends within the story, and the shadowy organizations working within that world kind of gives the story a cinematic scale, but it was the only way to accommodate the characters. Making a detailed world like this happened in a sort of fever dream, and I’m still refining the rules of it.

Me: How did you decide to split the story into parts?
Cupcakeriot: Originally, the idea was to write each chapter as a meaningful scene, but by the time I was halfway through part 1, I realized that the story was devolving into very unique arcs. Knowing that I would have a series of plots and sub-plots, some very long and some very short, it made sense to split the story into parts. Sometimes, I think of the parts as episodic, or I start a part with a goal that needs to be reached, and that section of the story only ends when that part of the plot is explored. There are more parts to the story than I anticipated.

Me: Is it hard to have the super slow burn between Ella and Anthony?
Cupcakeriot: Not really. Going back to the idea of letting the characters drive the story, it was obvious from the start that the very basics of Ella’s characterization – her issues – would never allow for a swift romance, and that’s before I threw in the additional complications of plot twists and mysteries. The slow burn was inevitable from the beginning, like, especially because I wanted to make sure that any romance for Ella was handled with a realistic approach. And because of that, Anthony’s characterization ended up being very nuanced. So, it isn’t hard for me, but I do feel some sympathy for the readers! I know how the slow burn ends!

Me: How much planning has gone into Supernormal?
Cupcakeriot: Too much and not enough at the same time. I spent a lot of time on creatures, and the plot twists, and fleshing out the relationships between characters, but the rest of it is pretty much on the fly. Like, there’s an arc in part 8 that I’m adding because of character development that I hadn’t foreseen in the planning. I like to have a general idea of a story, while also being flexible. That way, I think the storytelling seems organic and more authentic.

Me: Do you have the story completely written?
Cupcakeriot: Nope! Not even a little bit! For my own creative process, I try not to think too far ahead to the ending because I don’t want to rush, so I just write and post as I go. And since it’s better for me to not use a beta until after the story is done, all the readers have to suffer through my typos.

Me: What advice would you give to fellow writers?
Cupcakeriot: Writing, in general, is a skill that develops over time and that is nurtured by a genuine love of storytelling. Writing a story worth telling takes hard work. It isn’t something that just happens. You have to want it; you have to commit to it. Dedication is a huge part of being a writer, and once you are dedicated to writing, dedication to telling the story right and representing the characters honestly follows pretty easily. So, to fellow writers, write what you love.

Can you believe she’s twenty-three according to her profile? Ok, go read this now!

You can find Supernormal on FF

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