An Interview with Jada D’Lee aka Rose Arcadia

Alyscia: What brought you into the awesome Twilight fandom?
Jada: What brought me to the awesome Twilight fandom was a friend of mine who took me to the movie. Afterwards, I decided to read the books (which made her jaw drop, because I was NOT a reader back then) and when I was done, I was enormously sad that it was over. But, that friend pointed me in the direction of fanfiction, and *claps hands* the rest is history!

Alyscia: What got you into doing banners?
Jada: I started doing banners and animations when that same friend who introduced me to fanfiction, needed one for her fic. I told her I had no idea how to do that, but she encouraged me to figure it out because I was very computer savvy. Sure enough, after a few Google attempts, I made my first animated gif that was only 6 frames. Towards the end of my banner making days, the animations I made were over 200 frames.

Alyscia: What is your favorite story and/or genre of the twilight fandom? 
Jada: In a million years I could never pick just one story! There are so many that have affected me. Big ones, that brought so much excitement. Smaller ones,  nobody knew about that brought me so much joy to read. MoTU brought me the most lifelong group of friends. We’re still a close group, and they should be getting my *cough*late*cough* Holiday card very soon in the mail!

If I have to pick a genre, I would have to go with angst. This should come as no surprise. I was practically known for my love of this genre. I even opened up an angst group on Facebook. I can’t get enough of those fics!

Alyscia: What do you love about our fandom?
Jada: What I love about the fandom is even though we’ve all gone our separate ways in our interest the last few years, we still stay connected. We still keep those friendships. And above all, we still get together once or twice a year to Fangirl as a group whenever there is a Twilight marathon on TV!

Alyscia: How do you feel with all the recognition you’ve gotten? 
Jada: Wait, what? LOL, I don’t know…as far as recognition goes, it was cool back in the day, and it continues to be nice for somebody like me, who didn’t write any fic, to still be known in the fandom. Women coming together to support other women, no matter what they do…it’s nice, man, it’s real nice!

Alyscia: Is it weird doing book covers now?
Jada: Of course it’s weird, it’s surreal as surreal can get for a broad like me! Doing book covers now, especially with so many authors I worked with in the fandom doing their banners, has been such a treat. To hold in my hand something that I created, or see it on the shelf at a book store with your name under the credits…it’s something you don’t get to do when you’re just doing banners. It’s beyond awesome every time! Plus, I absolutely adore being given the opportunity to continue with some of these authors on their journey past their fanfiction writing days and into the excitement of publishing!

Alyscia: What advice would you give to banner makers?
Jada: I really don’t have much advice for Banner makers, I swear man, I’m just wingin’ it here! I guess just stick with what feels good. Listen to the author, but never doubt yourself. It has to come from you. It has to be somewhat your vision as well. If you change it to a point that you don’t even like it just to please someone else, I guarantee the readers will see that frustration in the final product.

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