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One night when I was taking medication and not sleeping well, I came across the May to December Contest entries. I love contests, the anonymity to them, the chance to meet new writers, the wonderful entries, and that some of the stories will be expanded upon. One of my favorites from this contest— AS ONE DOES, won three awards, 5th place public vote, Planetblue’s choice, and The Romeo—Best Younger Edward. The author, purelyamuse, expanded upon the story a bit and posted it under her account.

This story, gah, it’s so good, I must have read it twenty times so far. I mean just the pictures in the story avi, a shirtless, abtastic Edward eating strawberries out of a clear solo cup on one-half and the other a guitar on the beach. Who doesn’t love a hero with a smoking set of abs that plays a guitar?

I have to say that I had some apprehension when I started reading this story. A younger, seventeen-year-old Edward, I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out. The story jumps right in with Bella showing up to a BBQ at her family’s house, meeting a shirtless and abstastic Edward. The two of them are tasked with helping out, and there’s immediate chemistry between them that jumps off the page. Edward is charming, witty, and you immediately start rooting for them to be a couple.

Of course, when Bella finds out Edward is actually her nephew Jasper’s friend, that her niece Rose is crushing on, she is beyond mortified. She’s pissed at Edward for kind of tricking or should I say not disclosing that he was actually a high school student and not one of the partygoers working for her brother-in-law, Carl’s company.

In this story, Esme happens to be Bella’s much older half-sister, and despite their age difference, they have a good relationship. Bella, who is about to be a college senior, is living with Esme’s family for the summer. Of course, when Bella learns the truth about Edward, she shoots him down, even though she is attracted to him. Adding to Bella’s discomfort, Edward and Jasper are teenagers and are always hanging out together at the house.

As much as Bella hates this, she likes this flirty, confident Edward, and if you ask me, it makes her summer interesting. Despite the conflict, I love the UST—unresolved sexual tension between this Bella and Edward. Add in the forbidden fruit factor of underage/age difference and it’s the perfect page-turner a reader dreams about.

Over her time at Esme’s, Bella is a good girl and doesn’t act on her feelings and despite being charming and relentless in his pursuit of Bella, Edward is a good boy and doesn’t cross any lines. At the end of the summer, there’s a field trip to take Bella back to her dorm, and she leaves the door open that it might, maybe, kind of be okay if Edward keeps in touch with her.

They do keep in touch, and the ever-confident Edward continues his pursuit of Bella. Upon a chance meeting and impromptu movie date between these two, Edward is in a funk because he’s nervous about his mom’s test to see if her cancer is still gone. Bella is as ever taken with Edward, and as Esme points out earlier in the story, even though physically Edward is seventeen, he’s really an old soul. His mom survived breast cancer, and maybe it’s because I’m a BC survivor, and saw what my own teenagers had to go through and witness, this really made me love this Edward man-boy more.

After this date, Bella has her first moment of weakness and kisses Edward. And like her second moment of weakness—which somehow is hot despite them not breaking any laws—Bella pushes Edward away and beats herself up for taking advantage of a kid. However, in my mind Bella is also, what I would consider a kid, she’s only twenty/twenty-one. She end up shutting Edward out and does a bit of soul searching without him around. In the meantime, Edward is off becoming an adult, with his winter birthday—Edward is an older senior in high school, where Bella is a younger senior in college.

I don’t want to give away the rest, but trust me, you want to read this story. And biggest bonus to me is it’s tied up with a big HEA bow we all need and love. The base story is complete, however, the author does promise at some point to do a future take/epi. And not going to lie, writing this review, I’m being a bit selfish and hoping that my praising this story will give purelyamuse a little fangirl mojo so she might gift us a little more of this guitar playing, red-lipped, clear solo cup strawberry eating Edward.

If you’re looking for a quick read when you’re trying to escape the craziness of the holidays, this story should be at the top of your list. Thank you to purelyamuse for your gift of words, your awesome craft of writing these characters makes me want to crawl in your brain and hang out. BRAVO! Now, please with a cherry on top, if you have time, someday, could you write that epi?

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