A Rec of Through the Lens by Twifanfictionrec, Plus Author Interview

Bella Swan is trying to pave her way in the world, as a photographer, somewhat known, with ten thousand followers on Instagram. What happens when she receives a direct message on Instagram from a movie star, someone who has more than fifty million followers? Rated M

I don’t recall how I managed to find this gem, but I am so happy that I did. This is the author’s first fic that she has shared with our wonderful twifanficton world.

Only six chapters so far are posted. Bella is a photographer trying to make it in LA. She has an Instagram account that she posts pictures she takes almost daily.

Alice Whitlock then reaches out to her to take some test pictures of a make up line she is about to release.

Bella is excited and shocked, because Alice Whitlock is well known, but also her family is considerably known as well. Jasper Whitlock is an actor, and her brother Edward Cullen is a famous actor. Edward eventually reaches out to Bella through Instagram to talk to her.

Of course, as any sane person, she thought she was crazy when the Edward Cullen started messaging her.

Bella messages him back.

This begins the conversation between them.

This story, so far, is so cute and waiting as Bella and Edward learn about eachother is just adorable.

Being the nosey person I am, I contacted the author and decided to pick her brain.

Me: What gave you the inspiration for Through the Lens?
Recently, I started an Instagram account wherein I posted about the fictions I enjoyed and thought others would enjoy as well. That’s where I got the inspiration really. I thought it would be so crazy in the modern world, if Edward and Bella were to meet on social media. And truly, what better platform than Instagram? So as the story flowed in my head, I kept on typing, and that’s where TTL came from

Me: Do you have an update plan for your story?
Yes, I do have an update plan. I’ve outlined most of the story, so I just need to be regular on posting new chapters. My life has been hectic, so I’m still trying to find the correct schedule, which works for me, but still is regular enough for the readers.

Me: What should we know about this story? Fun fact, teaser, or warning if need be?
Well, if you stick with the story (and I really hope you do), I’m sure you will be very surprised. And I mean that in a good way and a bad way. I’m not going to share a fun fact or a teaser, but I will share a warning: there will definitely be hard times ahead, and Bella and Edward will find out who actually stands with them and who stands against them

Me: I feel that we should be worried about Mr. and Mrs. Hunter. I know you probably can’t give away too much but..Should we be worried?
Yes, you should be. Very, very worried.

Me: I love that you brought up that there might be something wrong with Alice and Jaspers relationship. So many stories have them in such a perfect relationship. Was that hard to write in?
Well, here’s your spoiler alert, everything will work out between Jasper and Alice.

Me: How much longer to go before Edward and Bella meet? Too much of a spoiler lol. Twifanfictionrec: Not long now ;).

Me: What made you decide to share this story with us?
Well, I thought the story was amazing, and as I started to write (you may or may not know that I’m a first-time writer), I just kept thinking about how I want to share this with the fanfiction enthusiasts. As a reader of fanfiction, myself, I would have loved to read this story, and so, I thought why not?

Me: What advice would you give to other writers?
Well, I’m too new to give any advice as such. However, I will say, love what you write, and if you don’t love it, then re-write it.

You can begin reading this story on FF.

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