An Interview with Kristina Sanchez aka LyricalKris

I Love You, I Know, Playing Cops and Vloggers, By Proxy, Little Dreamer, Office Holiday Parties Aren’t So Bad, Oblivious, Trouble, Snapshots, We’re a Hot Match, LARP and the Real Edward, The Rookie, Parenthetical Love, It’s Always the Quiet Ones, The Boy at Table Seven, Life Is What Happens, Antagonize Me, and Social Circle Taboo. I could go on considering this very talented writer has 99 stories on

LyricalKris is something else when it comes to her stories. She ranges so much. I am absolutely certain she has something for everyone. Emmett/Bella, Jasper/Edward, Carlisle/Edward, Carlisle/Bella, Carlisle/Jasper, Emmett/Edward, Bella/Jasper… I never knew I could like a pairing until I read what she has written. Her story plots are unique too. SnapShots is amazing in the sence your heart wretches as you watch Jasper try to prove he’s better, to be trusted by his younger siblings, and to be shown love. Or, you can have an amazing laugh while you read Playing Cops and Vlogers where Bella is a vlogger, and she falls in love with Edward the cop who can’t be on camera, so she has to substitute him for action figures.

I sought her out and asked her some questions hoping to get into the mind of this one of a kind writer.

Me: Where do you get the inspiration for you amazing stories?
I can’t go anywhere without telling stories in my head. I see a couple of people talking, the cute baristas at Starbucks trading barbs. I watch movies, and think about what if they had done this or that, and it morphs into something completely different. I want to read something in particular but can’t find it, so I write it.

In other words, everywhere, I guess. Haha.

Me: What got you into the Twilight fandom?
LyricalKris: Hah! I was on Facebook, on the Flair app, which was a bunch of buttons on a board. Every other button available was something, something Edward Cullen. So, I go to a friend of mine who reads a lot of books/watches a lot of movies etc and I say the famous last words, “Who the fuck is Edward Cullen?!”

Me:What is it about the Twifandom that you love?
: You mean besides Kristen Stewart? (Adore her).

I’ve been a member of a lot of fandoms. What I love most is the camaraderie you find because you see something special when most other people only see a book/movie.


Me: What is your favorite genre and/or favorite story in the twifandom?
My favorite fic in the fandom is Tropic of Virgo. It’s so visceral and clever.

Me: The several stories I have read have lots of fandom related material in the stories. Is this because it is something major in your life?
I just happen to think fanfic should honor the fandom. That’s why we’re here–because we weren’t ready to put the book or the characters away.

 Me: What got you into writing?
LyricalKris: When I was very little, I wanted to be an actor. Then, I realized I sucked, but I was pretty good at telling stories.

Me: Do you do your own banners?
LyricalKris: Oh, hell no. Most of my banners are from Mina. She’s amazing.

Me: You have such an amazing variety of stories. Is it hard keeping up with it all?
It’s harder not writing more. My brain is very chaotic–different stories veering off in every direction. I only write a fraction of them. When it gets hard to finish one, it’s because I sometimes get to a point I don’t find very interesting. That’s why I don’t write too much fluff. I find it uninteresting after a while.

Me: What advice would I give to fellow writers?
Keep writing. Write a sentence every day and consider that progress. Don’t listen to the people who are rude and cruel, but do listen when people criticize. They may not have said it the right way, but it’s something to consider, and considering it will make you a better writer.

And please, please, PLEASE be respectful of the power you have. Don’t use something for entertainment that is someone else’s real life without the utmost understanding and respect.

I am just saying, go read some of her stuff here. You can also keep up with her and her writing at her Facebook group. Lastly, check out her site for her published works at:

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