An Interview with CaraDee

I am sure, if asked if you have read Our Yellow House, then you know who Cara Dee is. My first story that I read was Secret and Wishes by her, then I took the brave journey to Our Yellow House.

After reading that, I couldn’t stop there. I went on to A Bastard’s Girl, It’s a Sign A Father’s Story, and now I am working on What’s Up Doc. Eventually, I am sure that I will be reading all her stories, including her original fics. And because she is awesome with freebies, I have a couple of hers that I will be starting soon.

After the roller-coaster that is Our Yellow House and the serious trip of A Bastards Girl, I had to know what goes through Cara Dee’s Mind a little bit.

She graciously answered some of my questions.

Me: Where do you get you inspiration for your stories?
Cara: Inspiration can come from anywhere—and often at the wrong time LOL. Music, movies, dreams, etc.

Me: Yellow House is a favorite with the bumpy road to get to the HEA. How was it for you to write the story?
Our Yellow House was a challenge, definitely. I enjoy writing angst, but the story was long, and a lot happened, so it was so much to keep track of.

Me: What got you into TwiFandom?
What got me into fandom was a fluke. I didn’t like the ending of Breaking Dawn, so I sat down and wrote a continuation. Then a friend told me I’d just written fanfic, and it got me curious. Google guided me to the rest LOL.

Me: What do you love about the fandom?
After this summer, I have to say the best part of fandom is the friends you make ? I had a riot in Vegas and got to meet some fantastic ladies.

Me: What got you started writing fanfiction? Writing in general?
Cara: I was never into writing before I finished Breaking Dawn. It all just sort of happened. Can’t really explain it.

Me: How was the transition from writing fanfiction into your publication?
My writing fanfic today leaves a lot to be desired. I wish I had time to write at least a little every week, but now I’ll have to settle for maybe a story a year, if that. It’s a complete mental reboot every time I go from original fiction and FF. I don’t understand why, and it’s frustrating.

Me: I love that you still write some fanfiction? Was this an easy decision for you to keep dabbling with Twifandom?
Easy decision… Well, I mean, I still love the ExB universe. I always loved to write Edward and Bella, so it wasn’t as much a decision as it was something that remained a hobby/passion. But unfortunately, one I rarely get time to indulge in

Me: What advice would you give to fellow writers?
My advice is, read before you write, and once you get to writing, find a good beta/editor. You don’t want one who only praises you. My beta boss lady, also my editor, challenges me, is honest, and pushes me to do better. She’s the first one to call me out if I’ve rushed through anything.

If you want to read her Twific work, you can find them here:

You can also find her on FF.Net 

If you would like to see some of her original work, you can check out her website.

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  • Lisa Marie
    3 months ago

    Just found this from patty Rosa posting in her fb. You have my 3 fave authors aling with cara dee and Kristina. Loved reading their interviews. Thank you

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