An Interview with Patty Rosa a.k.a. PattyRose

Hey guys. I’m back and almost fully recovered from not only the flu, but bronchitis. This is one of the worst cold and flu seasons. Try to stay healthy, and if it catches you, make sure you rest. Don’t overdo it like me and get a double whammy of sickness.

Today, I have the extreme pleasure of bringing you an author interview. Pattyrose (Patty Rosa) is a Twifandom fav and one of my all-time favorite authors (fic or original). Like all of her Fics (and I’m sure her future orig fic books to come), she did amazeballs on this interview. Thanks for reading, and thanks to for Patty taking the time out of her busy schedule to let us inside of that talented and beautiful brain.

  1. You are an AMAZING author. Why haven’t you published an original fiction book yet?

Thanks so much! I appreciate all the love from you and the love I’ve received from the fandom throughout the years. It’s actually one of the things which has kept me from publishing, lol. You see, I WANT to publish, I really do. I’m actually rewriting a couple of my personal faves – editing, adding some scenes, deleting some scenes, etc. Unfortunately, Real Life as well as new fanfiction plot bunnies tend to distract me. But with the New Year, I’m making it my goal to publish at least ONE story this year! (I hope).

  1. If you do publish, (please, I’m not above begging) do you plan on going self or traditional pub?

Let’s say WHEN I publish, lol, just to give me that extra bit of self-motivation. When I think I’ve edited and rewritten to the best of my abilities, and once I’ve had my story(ies) edited by a professional, I’m going to try for the traditional publishing route first. Nothing at all against self-publishing. I’ve just always dreamed of having a book published by one of the big publishing houses in New York City! However, if that goes nowhere, then I’ll self-publish. Self-publishing is huge right now, and it’s a wonderful option for any of the many talented writers who for one reason or another aren’t able to go the traditional route. I’m excited about publishing either way.

  1. I know my favorite fic you’ve written. Which one is yours and why?

Oh, boy. That’s a hard one. It’s not easy for me to pick one favorite from my own fics just because as I write, each of these stories becomes my favorite at that particular moment. My characters take on a life of their own. I dream about them at night. I plot their next moves while on line at the supermarket, while in meetings at the office. (Horrible, I know). I fall in love with them all, character flaws, imperfections, and all. They’re like my own babies. But…if you twisted my arm and absolutely FORCED me to pick one favorite fic I’ve written, it would be The Age of Innocence. That Bella and Edward have their own little special place in my heart. World War II has always fascinated me, and when I think of the characters in that story, I imagine them as perfectly real people who could’ve lived lives almost exactly how I wrote them. In my admittedly crazy head, THEY were definitely real.

  1. How did you find the Twilight book and/or movies, and how did you find the fandom?

I got into the Twilight books and movies somewhat unwillingly, if I must be honest. It was right after the first Twilight movie came out on video. My younger sister kept going on and on about the book and about the movie. I rolled my eyes. Vampires were totally no longer my thing (I was so over True Blood at the time). But she insisted and insisted and…you get the point. So, I sighed, gave in, and accepted the softcover copy of Twilight she shoved into my hands. She gave me a page at which she expected me to be by the next day. (I may be totally imagining things, but I can swear it was Page 82. I’ll look that up after this and see if it’s a significant page!) The rest, as they say, is history (at least, to me, lol). After I devoured the first book, I watched the movie and discovered Mr. Pattinson, and…yeah, let’s not even go there. Totally gone by then.

  1. Who is your favorite side character and would you ever consider doing a fic around them?

I actually happen to love Rosalie. I think it was her bitchy side in the original books which attracted me to her side character. She hated Bella, and she wasn’t afraid to hide it, lol. She hated Jacob even more, and she definitely made no secret of that! But would I ever write a fic around her? Hm, I don’t know. I’d have to get Edward and Bella completely out of my head first!

  1. Who are your favorite author(s) fic and/or original?

Hands down my favorite author is Jane Austen for original work. I love Stephen King as well. Nicholas Sparks early works are great too. However, Laura Ingalls Wilder and her Little House series were probably what first made me fall in love with stories about that perfect love. As for my favorite fic author, that’s been Bratty Vamp for years and years. (Kat Tammen). Her fic, The Best Man, is STILL my favorite fanfic. She’s my Bratty Hero.

  1. Your most recent fic (it’s fab by the way) sounds like it was a huge plot bunny, is that normally how ideas come to you?

I’m sort of in the middle of two works right now, lol: Uprising and After Christmas. I’m not sure which one we’re talking about, but it doesn’t really make much difference, either way. My plot bunnies have no rhyme or reason. They come to me from TV shows, from dreams, from my kids’ homework assignments, from songs, from news stories, from neighborhood signs, etc. The Uprising plot bunny was actually a combo of a morning binging on Sons of Liberty (with yummy Ben Barnes, btw), and the fact that I happen to live a literal hop, skip, and a jump from the site of the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Monmouth. There’s revolutionary history all around me. It was just a matter of time, lol. As for After Christmas’ plot bunny, that was a combo of two songs, Last Christmas by Wham! and Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid. I thought to myself, “Gee, what if Edward and Bella fell in love one Christmas, but every successive Christmas wasn’t quite so easy, AND what if Edward was a humanitarian working in another country to boot?” (I know, I know; I’m a weirdo).

  1. In regards to your writing, are you plotter or a panster or a little bit of both?

I’ll admit, I had to look up the meaning of panster! Having looked it up, I can safely call myself a “plantser,” which apparently means I’m both a bit of a planner and a bit of a “fly by the seat of my pants” type of person. Most of the time, when I’m writing a story, I have a basic outline in my head. I know the main plot and the main events which will happen. Then, as I write, I fill in the finer details. Once in a while, I actually sit down and type out a detailed outline! But I rarely have time for that.

  1. To me you’re a class act, how do you deal with negative or hater reviews?

Wow. Again, thanks so much! I’ll admit I have a strong dislike for haters (read HATE FOR HATERS). There are so many points I can bring up regarding haters and negative reviewers (as opposed to critical reviewers because YES, there is a BIG difference!) As a fanfic author, it’s so hard to put yourself out there to begin with. You’re trusting people you don’t know with these very personal characters which evolve from your deepest, most personal thoughts. You’re trusting them to keep an open mind as they read your words. You’re trusting them to try to understand where you’re coming from. Then, you get these readers who completely crap all over that! And if we’re talking about strictly fanfiction, you’re not even getting paid for this. I have received all types of negative and constructive criticisms. There are plenty of reviewers out there who’ve reviewed to let me know when I’ve made a mistake, either grammatical, historical, factual, or any of a hundred other different ways, and that’s fine! I’m completely aware of the fact that I’m not perfect, and when these reviews/criticisms are respectful, I am completely grateful. I will go out of my way to correct the mistake if possible or necessary. I’ll open up a dialogue with the reviewer, and generally, I’ll do whatever I can so that both the reviewer and I feel as if our point of view has been heard. But when a person is nasty to me, whether the review on my work is accurate or not, I’m at the point now where I totally ignore them. I’ve lost patience with nasty reviewers. I used to argue with them. I used to call them out on Facebook when they hid behind the façade of “Guest Reviewers.” I used to rail and scream and yes, sometimes even cry. Now, I ignore. Life is too short. My time is too precious. I give one warning in the beginning of my stories: if you don’t like the topic or if it starts getting on your nerves down the line, stop reading. It’s a very easy thing to do. Hit the ‘X.’ Quit while you’re ahead. Don’t come complaining later on because guess what I’ll do? Yep. Ignore. 🙂 (Note how that was my LONGEST answer to all questions, lol).

  1. What’s your favorite food and dessert?

Another difficult question because I LOVE food! (I’m actually watching Food Network as I type this). I’m of Spanish ancestry, and I must admit I LOVE Spanish food of all kinds. My favorite cuisine, however, is probably Cuban. I love Cuban Sandwiches. All that nice hot, crispy pork surrounded by ham and melted cheese and pickles and garlic aioli between two toasty pieces of bread? (My mouth waters as I write). My favorite dessert is pretty basic: any kind of pastry containing chocolate and nuts. (Think: Brownies).

She wrote this to me. —> (Thanks so much, hon! This was fun!)

Can I just say again, she’s Amazeballs, love her!

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  • That was lovely. I really enjoy all her stories! Thanks

  • Evelyne HENOT
    3 months ago

    It’s very nice to know a little bit more about Patty. She is an amazing authour and I love her fictions. She really need to publish she is very good.

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