An Interview with Stephanie Smith Busbin a.k.a. BitterHarpy

Swan’s Guide to Being Single and Staying That Way was the first story I read by BitterHarpy. Bella in that story is just…awesome. I love the snark, and the I don’t need a man vibe she gives, until she meets Edward, of course. He totally gets her. ? I loved it so much, I moved on to Where the Heart is. This story touched me in ways I didn’t even know existed. Edward is a total prick. I wanted to punch him more than once, but then he just falls for Bella, a single mom trying to keep her daughter alive.

The next story of hers on my list is Olympic Pen Missed Connections. The summary really has me intrigued: ‘You pulled a gun on me and now I can’t get you out of my mind. I want to know everything about you- how you take your coffee, what you do for a living, and if you pull your gun on every guy you meet. So, if you see this, please meet me at 8pm on January 13 at the place where you tried to kill me, and we can maybe see where this goes.’

She wrote her first story  in 2012 and is still going. I had to ask this lovely, awesome, author some questions.

Me: How did you discover the Twi fandom?
My husband drug me to see a new vampire movie. It had Kristen Stewart in it, so I didn’t complain too much. He didn’t like it; I, however, loved it. I read all the books in three days. I knew about fanfiction from my Grey’s Anatomy obsession, so I decided to see if Twilight had any. Boy, did it! I was in heaven. Through that, I discovered Facebook groups and the rest is history.

Me: What is your favorite book out of the Twilight Saga?
Why? Eclipse because I love me some angst. I mean, we all knew who Bella would pick, but it was nice to see her ponder her choice.

Me: What do you like about the movies, what do you hate about the movie adaptations?
I fell in love with Rob and Kristen’s on screen (and later off screen) chemistry. The screen writing was poor, let’s be honest, and the actors didn’t have much to work with, but seeing any book you love come to life is an honor.

Me: What’s your favorite character in the fandom and why?
Bella. Because she’s all of us. I know that I take characteristics from myself and transpose them onto her when I write her.

Me: Who is your favorite person in the Twi fandom? Why?
That’s like asking me what my favorite story is. I love interacting with my readers. There is a group of ladies that I talk to every day on Facebook Messenger- Lara Poe Norman (meteoronamoonlessnight), Teresa Bennett and BeLynda Smith (Sarcastic Bimbo). These ladies are so precious to me in so many ways. Also, I really admire Kaye P. Hallows (Born on Halloween). She is strength personified and she shows grace and humor in the darkest of circumstances.

With Edward, it’s a little bit harder because I’m not a male, and I don’t think like one.

Me: What inspired you to write your stories? Such as: Where the Heart Is, Olympic Pen Missed Connections, Swan’s Guide to Being Single and Staying That Way?
Where the Heart Is, is the most personal story I’ve written. Charlotte in the story has the disease that took two of my children. It was very therapeutic writing it. Olympic Pen Missed Connections – there is a member of the fandom named Lissa Addyman, and she has a list of requirements for a story, and she has so much trouble finding stories to meet them, so I’m writing one. I figure it’s a good writing challenge, even if she doesn’t like it. Swan’s Guide, What About Now, Take Me as I am, In A Split Second, and I Can’t Unlove You have lots of Grey’s Anatomy and Twilight combined and were all written years ago during my GA obsession. The American Princess is a direct result of a dream I had about Prince Harry and Kristen Stewart (which in hindsight is the oddest couple ever). Then Prince Harry went off and got engaged to another American actress, so lots of inspiration there.

Me: What do you love about writing?
I get to leave behind my own problems and give them to my characters. It’s my escape, and I love it. I didn’t start writing until about ten years ago, and I found it to be very cathartic and something just for me.

Me: What do you like to read in the fandom? Genre? Do you have a favorite story? 
BitterHarpy: I am game for just about anything- angst, drama, comedy, romance. I just like it to have an Edward and Bella HEA. My favorite story is Friday’s at Noon, but I just finished the Gravity series and man, that was some good reading.

Me: Do you plan out your stories or do you write on the fly?
Ha! No, no planning. I almost always know before I begin how the story will end. I have a point A and a point B, but have no idea how I’m going to get there.

Me: Do you think you will ever publish original work?
Never say never.

Me: Who does your banners for you amazing stories?
I stole WTHI’s banner from Random Rita who made one up to pimp me out. Stephanie Lynn gifted me with the one for OPMC. I made TAP’s. The others were amazing gifts from my readers, and I’m honored they thought of me.

That being said, I’m in the market for another one, so someone hit me up.

Me: What advice would you give to someone who wants to write?
Write for yourself. There will always be someone to try to knock you down, whether it be by bad guest review or just a bad review period. People will talk badly about you or your story in groups or threads. Rise above it, and just do you. Not everyone is going to like you or your story but for every one person who hates it, one hundred more will love it. Focus on them but also know the difference between a hater and someone who is constructively criticizing you. You can learn a lot from someone who is just trying to make you better.

How awesome is she? She is awesome in awesomesauce ? lol

To read her amazing stories, you can find her on FF.
You can also join her Facebook Group.

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