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It’s that time of year again. The TwiFic Fandom Awards. I am sure if you have been in the Fandom for the last several years, you know all about this awesomeness. I hit up the creator, Mariah, to find out a little bit about how it originated.

What made you decide to create Twific Fandom Awards?
While there were plenty of awards six years ago, many of them focused solely on specific aspects of Twific. There wasn’t one that completely embodied the Twific fandom as a whole. I had asked around if anybody was interested in heading up such a project, but nobody wanted to take on that much responsibility. I figured I might as well do it myself. I asked some people I knew I could trust and whose work I valued, and they were gracious enough to agree.

How did the categories get decided?
At first, I tried to include as many categories as possible to ensure no fic, or author, or fandom member was left behind. I wanted every type of fic out there (funny, tearjerker, dramatic, warm and fluffy, LGBTQ, abandoned, beloved, etc.), as well as fandom members who are sometimes forgotten (cheerleaders, graphic artists, the quiet but nice, funny ones, etc.), to be given the chance to be shown some love. I knew that if given the chance, the fandom would come through, so we have almost 40 categories to span Twific in its entirety.

What got you into the twifandom?
I had heard about Twilight from the trailers and ads I’d seen on TV, but I had no real inclination to watch it. Then, at the end of the school year, I had nothing to do, so I decided to rent it. While it wasn’t the greatest movie, I was absolutely enthralled by it. As it turned out, a friend of mine I was talking to about the movie was into Twific, and she introduced me to Wide Awake. I was a goner after that.


Has it been hard to keep up with Twific Fandom Awards?
It’s definitely time-consuming, tedious, and very busy work. There’s a lot to do, but the team is very dedicated and works extremely hard. It really boils down to being as organized and communicative as possible. There are a lot of categories, pennames vs Facebook names, and privacy issues to navigate, but we make it work.

A group of wonderful ladies step up and help give out awards to Twifandom fiction writers for all the hard work. Let’s introduce said ladies:

Iris, Organizer and Host
Worshiper of her royal highness, Mariah Carey. TwiHard, Parawhore, Ringer, Potterhead, Hunter. Award show junkie. TwiFic news anchor/writer/beta. Score whore and James Newton Howard groupie. Opinionated bitch. Inventor of loudness.

Mina, Graphic Designer and Validator
I enjoy writing and reading. They’re outlets away from computer language and digital graphics. I like reading all kinds of stories, from the scariest of thrillers to the sappiest romcoms. I love making banners for different fandoms, especially when authors show their appreciation. You can call me Mina. Xo

Brandi, Graphic Designer and Validator
I’m beegurl13, and I’ve been around the fandom for a long while now, but luckily, I’m still kinda unknown. I sometimes write some angsty human Edward and Bella love stories, a few of which I actually like. I make banners if people ask me to, I read stuff I spot in Facebook groups or favorites lists, and I love Robert Pattinson nearly to the point of him requiring a restraining order if I ever move to California. I’m pitiful, silly, hectic, giggly, moody, and random, usually all within a five-minute period. I love cotton candy, green olives, broccoli, and Vanilla Pepsi. I have a house full of children, not nearly enough time in the day, and every Roswell book ever written. Now, if my car could just get more than ten miles per gallon…

Meagan, Validator
Hello, you beautiful people. I’m Meagan!  Avid overly-emotional sports fan, cupcake baker, cat lady extraordinaire, Hooker and all around Twific h00r. I also have a bachelor’s degree in fangirling with a minor in Robert Pattinson. I’ve written a few little stories.

Packy, Validator
Hi, I’m Packy. I love beautiful people doing beautiful things. I also happen to love beautiful places, which is why I’m a part of the Twilight fandom. Pre-reader and reader of many. All llama, no drama!


Pamela, Validator
Southern gal and Hotlanta housewife and mom! Blessed to be a pre-reader to the most amazing writers! Teacher, book club member, wine drinker, world traveler, and lover of all things Southern. British and Italian. Avid FSU football fan! Go Noles!

Hilary, Validator
An avid collector of cat hair. Likes to fiddle about with the written word and cook things. Can be found not cleaning on the east coast of Canada, although she should be.

Jessica, Validator
Hey, y’all! I’m Jessica, or Icca. I’m a native Texan living in Ohio. Being a server at an Amish restaurant pays the bills. I’m a traveler, whether it be to Seattle, Dallas, Boston, or into the wonderful worlds that the writers create in the Twilight fandom. Give me a sassy Bella or a Geeky Edward, and I’m yours. I love all things Hello Kitty, Lady Gaga, and Harry Potter.

They sound so awesome!

Of course, they get nominations in several categories from us, the Twifandom peeps. We also get to vote on the nominations after they are validated to make sure each nomination is correct with the categories.

These are the categories to be voted on since the nomination are now closed.


Favorite All-Time Fic

Favorite Boomerang Fic – Fic to re-read

Favorite Captain Sassafras – Anti-drama fandom member known for humor, snark, and sarcasm

Favorite Cliffhanger Fic – Fic that needs to update

Favorite Da Vinci – Graphic artist/designer

Favorite Drop Everything Fic – Work in progress fic

Favorite Ellen – Fandom member known for anti-drama humor

Favorite Empire Records – Soundtrack

Favorite Fandom 411 – Fandom member who has all the links, updates,

Favorite Fangirl – Reviewer; someone who speaks excitedly about fics, authors, contests on

Favorite Ficlette – One-shot

Favorite Fic Pimp – Fic rec (individual)

Favorite Fic Pimp Site – Fic rec (site)

Favorite 5ever Fic – Fic that should have a sequel

Favorite Grammar Nazi – Beta

Favorite LGBTQute Fic – Slash and/or femslash fic

Favorite LMFAO Fic – Humor/Crackfic

Favorite Minor to Major Leagues – Fanfic author turned published author

Favorite Mister Rogers – Anti-drama fandom member known for

Favorite MY EMOTIONS Fic – Angst Fic

Favorite Newbie Author – New Author

Favorite Out of This World Fic – Supernatural/Science-fiction fic

Favorite Porn Dealer – Fandom member known for providing material that

Favorite Potential Best-Selling Author – Current fanfic author who is not

Favorite Potential Best Seller – Fic that should be published

Favorite Scream Fic – Horror fic

Favorite Screener – Pre-reader

Favorite Scribbler Alliance – Author collaboration

Favorite Snuggle Fic – Fluff Fic

Favorite Undiscovered Gem Fic –

Favorite Veteran Author – Experienced Author

Favorite What If? Fic – Non-canon fic

Favorite Writing Contest

Favorite Writing Help Site

Fandom Achievement Award

So much to think over. Here are the important dates for everyone to remember, so you know when to vote and when results will be announced. Dates are subjected to change!


1/6 – Round 1 opens for nominations

1/21 – Round 1 closes for nominations

2/3 – Round 1 nominees announced

2/4 – Round 1 voting opens

2/10 – Round 1 voting closes

2/17 – Round 1 voting results announced

2/18 – Round 2 voting opens

2/24 – Round 2 voting closes

3/4 – Winners announced

Reported By: Reporter Alpha Alyscia


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