A Rec of An Undefined Affair by Jayhawkbb, with an Author Interview

An Undefined Affair is fun and has drama too.

It starts off with Edward and Bella broken up, and Jasper is escorting her to a Christmas party for a client of theirs where she sees Edward with Rose. It’s not all as it seems, but Bella doesn’t know that.

The next chapter is how Bella and Edward meet. Bella works with Jasper and Emmett for an advertising firm. Jasper and Emmett are her best friends, and they have been that way since they met in college. Edward and Bella meet so she can give him her proposal for the new software Edward’s company is going to release.

Lots of things lead up to Edward and Bella in bed and Edward proving he is better than a vibrator. (You will have to read to see if he succeeds 😛 )

Bella and Edward begin an agreement of sorts. They are friends that have sex. No romance of any sort, but it fails. They go away with each other, and, of course, the weekend stays at Edwards house.

Jasper is super close with Bella. His family is her family, and Mama Whitlock is the best.

I got sidetracked. Jasper and Bella show their friendship/love with lots of hugs and kisses. They should have been together, but alas, Jasper wants romance and love. Bella has been burned by an ex, and at this point wants sex, and their friendship is just too important to ruin.

Bella finally admits her feelings to Edward, but Edward can’t say it back. (Read story to know why hehehe)

I really recommend this read for everyone.

Me: What inspired you to write An Undefined Affair?
I wanted to write about a relationship crumbling under the weight of lies and withheld information. And I wanted to write something smutty. I was reading a really good, sexy fic at the time.

Me: Did you plot out how the story would go, or was it more of an ‘as you write’ kind of thing?
I had it plotted out and written down, but a few things changed as I was writing. I didn’t plan that they would call each other Ned and Stella or that one chapter would be EPOV. Those things happened as I was writing.

Me: Bella is very, very stubborn about listening to people about feelings?
Yes, she is. More than I even realized as I was writing the fic.

Me: Was that hard to write? Did you have someone in your life that gave you the inspiration for this habit of Bella’s?
No, writing that character trait wasn’t difficult. Most of Bella’s personality is modeled after my adored, real life best friend. But the stubbornness, in retrospect, is more similar to my mom’s personality…and mine. Ouch, that’s hard to admit. Haha.

Me: Did you ever consider shipping Jasper and Bella together during the writing process?
No, I didn’t. From the beginning, I wanted their friendship to be Bella’s security blanket. I felt like they had explored romance (briefly) when they were younger, and they both knew they weren’t in love. But they have a deep, platonic love for each other. My beta on the other hand was totally shipping Jasper for a few chapters!

Me: How did you come up with Mama Whitlock? (I love her so much!)
Bella definitely needed some nurturing, and her own parents weren’t so great at that. Mama was really just a female extrapolation of Jasper’s personality, mixed with a little of the wisdom that only comes with age. Bella actually listens to her advice most of the time. Hopefully, Mama provided a little comic relief along with the sense of belonging and family that Bella craved.

Me: You gave Edward some “competition” was there a reason behind it?
Yes, I had my reasons. I lost a couple of readers then, though. I totally understand that some readers can’t stand to think of Bella or Edward being with anyone else, but she was drowning in her heartbreak and really needed a boost. I’m a big believer in the resilience of the human spirit, and I thought it was time for Bella to begin bouncing back. The flirtation and attraction to Brady boosted her confidence and independence. It was important to me that she felt stronger and felt like she had options before Edward reappeared in her life. Choosing to be with Edward then became a conscious choice and allowed her to experience the euphoria of falling in love with him again. I didn’t want her to just be relieved that he wanted her back.

Brady’s presence also made Edward realize how close he came to losing Bella completely. That perspective motivated him both short-term and long-term in their renewed relationship.

Me: Did you have any issues with writer’s block when you were writing this story? How did you get over it? What advice would you give to fellow writers?
Writer’s block is real and rough. I have had bouts of it – and I’ve often struggled with work/home responsibilities versus wanting to spend time writing, too. That’s also real and rough.

There’s no one cure for writer’s block that I’ve found. Sometimes it helps to keep trying to push through it. Other times it helps to walk away for a while. I also think it’s important to read, read, read (even if you’re not blocked). Whether it’s fanfic or books, keep reading. You never know what will reignite the spark in your own imagination, and it’s an enormous opportunity to improve your own writing. You can learn so much by sitting down with a good fic or book!

If her answers didn’t spike you interest to read then well, too bad go check it out!

You can read An Undefined Affair on FF.

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