A Rec of When Love Throws You a Smile by Sylvia Cullen, Plus an Author Interview

Cheated on constantly, Bella Swan has given up on love and become a bit of a cynic. Working at her job one night, a stranger asks her to dance; all without knowing his name. After a passion filled night, she figures she’ll never see him again until he shows up on her doorstep asking for a chance. Rated M BxE *Edited for New Content 2017*

Bella, in this interesting story, is a waitress with a degree in art. She has been cheated on by all of her serious boyfriends. Her first boyfriend cheated on her when he hit puberty, after two years of dating. She dated the next on a little over a year, before she caught him with her roommate.  The last one cheated on her to experiment with his sexuality.  What sucked about the last serious boyfriend for her, was the fact she gave him her virginity.

To say she has some man issues is an understatement.

Bring in Edward, who comes from a big family that all love to get involved in each other’s lives. Edward wants what his siblings have, love and a family.

The story shows a selfish Bella, who has trust issues, and Edward, who tries to break down the walls of Bella.

I love all the different things about When Love Throws you a Smile, because she uses different characters, and she gives the characters flaws every human has. Its amazing.

Let’s talk to the author about this story.

Me: When do you think you will be posting a new Chapter?  You said you were two chapters from being done, is this accurate?

Yes, it’s two chapters from being done! I’ve been trying to post it (for what seems like forever), but I haven’t had a chance to edit since I’m currently completing my last semester of grad school.  In theory, I hope to have it up by the end of February/early March or maybe even earlier if some nice beta takes pity on me and edits it for me lol.

Me: What gave you the inspiration for this story?
I got inspired initially by listening to Leona Lewis’ Song Let Somebody love you which I randomly discovered because someone made a video to the song with pictures of Robert Pattinson and I fell in love with the song. https://youtu.be/7boUGE5TSHk

I was also inspired by If I Knew Then by Lady Antebellum which inspired the title of the story. The song lyrically implies that even after everything that brought a couple together (heartache, being lonely, cheated on by exes, etc.) they would still go through it all over again if it brought them back to the one they love.  As examples with Bella and Edward’s relationship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7boUGE5TSHk&feature=youtu.be (Song with Rob pics.)

Plot wise I’ve always been curious about love in all shapes and forms. I’ve never been in romantic love before, but the dynamic between SM’s characters (especially ExB) ironically made me into a hopeless romantic who hopes to find her own Edward one day. So, I started thinking about writing a story about love that’s flawed in many ways.  Something that encompasses romantic love, familial (something my family is kind of odd about. In theory we love each other, but we don’t say the words/ they’re very much involved in my life which sometimes runs me into the loony bin lol) friend love, as well as self-love which is also something I’ve dealt with acknowledging. Combine these thing s with ExB and you got yourself a crazy story.

Me: I read in one of your A/N that you were having trouble continuing the story was that just because of trolls?
I did stop writing a bit for a few reasons. 1 mainly because of trolls. I got some vicious comments that just made me feel crappy. 2. I wanted to improve my writing. I was young when I started his story (17), and now at 23, I knew there was room for improvement, so I took time to change a few things and initiate timelines, character developments, etc. 3. Life changes. I started this story right before the passing of my mother (which I’ve acknowledged in a few of my stories) and took personal time/school obligations.

Me: Bella seems very…selfish.  I was happy to see she went to counseling, what made you decide on this character flaw?
As for the selfish thing, I like the idea of a selfish Bella. SM while, I love her writing, annoyed me a bit with making Bella so selfless (aka giving up everything for Edward) without making him sweat a bit, I wanted a Bella who wasn’t perfect and not easily giving into Edward.

As for counseling, it’s something I’ve done in the past and still do, and I think can benefit anyone who desires so.

Me: What made you decide on different friends and family for this story?
Character Changes, um most stories stick to the usual gang of characters, and I personally prefer the characters who we don’t know the most about, so I thought why not. Change it up a bit.

Me: What advice would you give to fellow authors?
My advice to fellow authors is to just simply write if it brings you joy. Don’t force it if it’s not coming to you. I know some writers feel pressured by their reviewers to put out content and when it’s rushed/grammatically incorrect, etc. get a lot of flak so just take your time and when it comes, it comes. Also, no shame in perfecting your craft. Sylvia Cullen at 23, is a completely different writer than she was at 17, when she started the story. Make changes, edit, listen to feedback (constructive vs people with nothing better than nitpick every detail), and no matter if you think your plot idea is crappy, write it out. You never know it may just be the next top fic on someone’s tbr list.

You can read this fun and interestingly, different story on FF.

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