I Fell in Love by anhd1207

Set in her ways and believing that the world only takes, reclusive Bella finds her life turned completely around when she meets a handsome and compassionate man. Love doesn’t happen in one moment. It happens in every moment. All Human

This cute story is well written.

Bella is a writer, and Alice is her long time best friend. Alice sets Bella up on a blind date.

She goes, and there is handsome Dr. Edward Cullen. They do the deed.

Lucky for us it’s not just a one-night stand thing. Bella called Alice to ask what she should do since Edward was still sleeping while she was awake.

He does wake up and takes her to breakfast where he declares it a second date.

You begin to learn how lonely Bella is.  Her mom passed away when she was young, and close to a year before her father had died as well.

It is shorter than most I have recommended, but I just had to because it is so good. I just know you will enjoy it.

You can read it on FF.


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