An Interview with Josie Beckmann‎ a.k.a. Tufano79

I read A Fresh Start and then I went to the Sequel The Next Chapter. I was hooked on her stories. They are just amazing, and each one is different.

She has many stories, and Tufano79 has a little bit of something for everyone. Mobward, Docward, Plus size Bella, and so much more. I honestly love authors like her, because I can spend a week reading her stuff and not get bored. When I am in a rut, I reread many of her stories ?

I reached out to Josie and asked her some questions.

Me: What got you into the twilight fandom?
When I was married, my sister-in-law lent me a copy of the books. I was enthralled with the relationship between Edward and Bella. It was sweet, loving, and filled with respect for each other. Plus, I loved how old-fashioned Edward was, but his protectiveness made me fall for him even more. I’ve since gotten divorced, but my love of Twilight helped me heal from the end of my marriage. The stories I write (which began eight years ago with La Cantante) represent different aspects of my personality and have become my happy place.

Me: What do you love about our fandom?
Tufano79: I love the support of my readers, and the friendships I’ve made because of our love of the world that Stephenie Meyer created. We come together, in support of each other, whatever the case may be.

We do have our drama-filled moments, but like any other family, we grow and accept our changes, bonding over our mutual hatred of GRs from FFn, sharing our excitement when we get that amazing review or opportunity (Pulled-to-publish moments and such) and discussing amazing stories that are created by so many talented authors.

Me: Do you have a favorite story in the fandom and/or genre?
Tufano79: Too many to list … really. But, I love anything by Drotuno. I have an annual re-read of the Angel Series because the way she approaches Edward and Bella is very canon. I also love stuff by Clo Rodeffer. Her Bound Series was so hot, and I just love me some Mobward. Plus, her banner-making skills are amazing. She’s my go-to when I need new banners for new stories.

I also love stories by Pattyrose, Lyricalkris, Nolebucgrl, TKegl, BitterHarpy, HighlanderPrincess, Mywindowisopen, Edward’s Eternal …  pretty much a well-written story, with the perfect blend of citrusy goodness, witty banter and a HEA. Life is filled with a lot of bullshit. I don’t want sad stories … I want to know my favorite characters will have their happily ever after.

Me: What was your favorite book and why?
Twilight book? Eclipse … it was good mix of sensual moments, a vicious battle and Edward in his protective perfection.

Other book besides Twilight? I’m on a Tillie Cole kick. I love her dark romances. They’re angsty, ugly, but the main characters get their happily ever after and the twists and turns make that HEA even more amazing. I also like Emma Chase, too. I’m reading her Legal Briefs series … talk about HOTT!

Me: Out of all the Twilight Books who is your favorite character and why?
Tufano79: Edward … hands down. I want my own version of Edward … a man who is protective, loving, demonstrative, old-fashioned, but kind. He would do anything for his mate, and I’d kill for a guy to want to do that for me. It’s why I was drawn to the books in the first place. Edward was everything my ex-husband wasn’t … so, I’m holding out hope for my own Edward.

Me: What about the movie adaptations did you like and hate?
Tufano79: I loved Eclipse. The wig that Kristen wore was horrific, but that movie was probably my favorite out of the movie adaptations, followed closely by the first installment. I loved the music in the first installment (both movie score and soundtrack).

The one I hated? Breaking Dawn: Part Two … I’m sorry but the baby. Ugh … that ruined it for me. Plus, the fake battle? Nope … didn’t happen in the book. Not a fan …

Me: What got you writing?
Tufano79: I read stories on and FFn and I figured that I could do it. I was a decent writer, at least, I hoped I was. I started with La Cantante. It was rough. I went through and edited it, but it’s still pretty bad, but from La Cantante to my most recent story, Picking Up the Pieces, you can see the growth in writing.

As I mentioned earlier, these stories contain aspects of my personality. They helped me get through difficult times in my life … from the end of my marriage, the death of my mother and coming to grips with my job situation. It also helped me celebrate the positive things in my life … moving into my condo and getting a promotion at my job.

Me: Do you plan your stories your stories out or just go with the flow?
Tufano79: When I first started writing, I went with the flow, posting updates when I finished writing them. Now? I love planning the stories and getting a surplus of chapters, posting on an update schedule. It answers a lot of questions from the reviewers and helps me in my type-A personality. Now, the plans are just an outline. My imagination goes from there …

Me: Where does your inspiration for your stories come from?
Some of the inspiration comes from real life. La Cantante was loosely based on my college experiences (minus the hot boyfriend. I had boyfriends, but none of them were hot like Edward), while A Fresh Start was a way for me to get over my divorce & my ex-husband.

Other inspiration comes from my favorite things, like So You Think You Can Dance?, Star Trek and ER. My fic, SYTYCD was based on the reality dance competition. Star Crossed was based on my love of Star Trek. Any of my Docward fics were based on ER or Chicago Med.

Me: What new projects do you have in the works, that you don’t mind sharing?
Tufano79: Right now, I’ve got a couple of ideas floating in my head …  a musical fic, a sequel for Married to the Mob and an upcoming Royalward fic. I’m also finishing up The Magic Within and working on Picking up the Pieces.

My Royalward fic, A Modern Day Fairy Tale, was submitted for a Fandom Compilation. It will start posting in about a week or so. I’m planning out the Married to the Mob sequel, with hopes that it will start posting in the summer. And the musical fic? It’s in the early planning stages. Like, I just got the inspiration this weekend from a post on FB for someone asking about any fics based on musicals.

Me: Have you ever had writers block? What did you do to get through it?
Tufano79: I’ve had writer’s block. Usually if that happens, I read a lot. Sometimes, I read fanfics. Other times I read novels, romance, of course. If reading doesn’t break the block, I’ll feed the plot bunnies. I’ll work on plans or write a few passages for the new bunnies hopping around in my head.

Me: Who does your banners?
I’ve had several banner makers … Chandrakanta, Mina Rivera, Evilnat and JA Mash and a few others, too. But, recently, I’ve used Clo Rodeffer. She’s awesome and so helpful. She’ll work with you until you get what you want. With anyone who has that graphic design ability, I’m eternally grateful for. They take my ideas from my writing and create a banner that makes the readers want to read it. Thank you, all of you, for what you do!

I even dabbled in making my own banners (Figure Eight, Finding Love Through Music and The Next Chapter –  those were made by me.) I’m not very good, to be honest.

Me: What advice would you give to fellow authors?
Tufano79:  1. Keep writing. Sometimes the worst stuff you write can help create your greatest creation.

  1. Don’t let the haters get you down. Not everyone is going to love what you write. That’s a given. It’s their prerogative to click that red x in the corner. It’s your prerogative to ignore them. The nice thing with FFn, you can delete the guest reviews.
  2. Relish in the people who support you. I’ve had several folks talk me back from the ledge. I wouldn’t still be writing if it weren’t for them. I’m blessed with amazing friends in the fandom and I’m eternally grateful for their friendship, support and creative help.
  3. Have fun! Enjoy the world you create. It’s your playground … you write the story. You write it how you see fit.

I love learning about her inspiration!

If you want to read her amazing work you can find her on the different platforms below:

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