TwiFic Meet Up 2018 (TFMU) Registration now live!

Registration is now live for TFMU 2018! 

TFMU (Or TwiFic Meet Up) is happening in Atlanta, Georgia this year between June 29th and July 1st. Everything this year is being organised by Angela (Angela Weber Cheney on FB). So if you plan on attending, then now is the time to send in your payment!

Payments of $179 are required, preferably ASAP or at least by May 25th. (Bear in mind, if you pay after May 25th, you’ll have to pay slightly more) If you want to attend please send your payment through using either PayPal or Venmo to

The rest of this post I’m copying from Facebook 🙂

I have to pay a VERY large deposit (almost $6000) by March 22nd. If you pay before then, you will be eligible for prizes (and you’ll have my enduring gratitude!).

Your registration fee pays for lunch on Friday June 29th, breakfast on Saturday June 30th, meeting space, a cash bar and bartender for the meet and drink, swag, name badges and other incidentals related to the event. There will be no refunds. The registration deadline is May 25th. After that date, there will be a late fee.

The group rate for sleeping rooms at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis is $192 plus tax per night. I will have a link for you to book rooms soon.

The loose agenda is as follows:

Thursday evening TBD. Watch the Facebook group for info on where people are gathered.

Friday 9:30-5:00 panels and lunch.

Friday 8:00-midnight meet and drink.

Saturday 9:00-12:00 panels and breakfast.

Saturday 8:00-midnight trivia and games. **The meeting space for this is small but it’s all they had to offer. Prepare to get nice and close to each other** 

Sunday brunch TBD.

Please share and tag your friends so no one misses this important info!

If you’re still thinking about going, but you aren’t sure head over to Facebook and anybody who’s attended before will be more than happy to chat to you about it. I attended in San Diego in 2016, and travelled over from the UK (All on my own, might I add) to be in the States for just 5 days. It was the BEST weekend of my life, and afterwards I went to Disneyland, met Mickey Mouse and cried… but that’s a different story altogether.
The weekend is amazing, and organised so brilliantly, and it’s a chance to be able to hang out with all your fic gals in one place… and not have to worry about people thinking you’re weird 😉

Unfortunately, I am not able to attend this year… it’s incredibly expensive flying over from the UK… but maybe next year…

You can join the TFMU Group here:

Follow them on Twitter here:

PS – This is my first ever post on here, sorry if it’s awful.

Alex – Social Media Editor @tfnsocialeditor



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