As Children After Play by Cris

I’ve been reading a lot of Evil! Charlie stories here lately and thought I’d try my own. Canon pairings, Cullens are vampires. There will be smut; I like smut. Kick-ass big sister Rosalie and possessive Edward

I am not usually into supernatural type stories. Of course, there are exceptions. This is one of them, and it actually started getting into a more vampire type story again.

It starts off at the Cullen’s where Alice is having the hardest time seeing any future involving Bella. Bella is the girl Edward is supposed to end up with according to the last vision before she loses her visions of Bella.

Alice tried to befriend Bella, but she keeps to herself and rarely speaks to anyone.

Aside from rumors, Cullen’s don’t know much about her other than she’s clumsy and the Chief’s daughter.

When Rose heard Bella was clumsy, she decided she wanted to get to know Bella herself.

As the story progresses, you learn about Bella and her secrets. One secret is her father beats her.

At one point, Rose and Emmett found her in her underwear in the woods, because she was being punished by Charlie.

I fell very much in love with this story. I am an angst lover. There is some angst and mention of rape also.

You can read on FF or Stars.

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