Revenge of the Nerds Contest Ideas

TFN Revenge of the Nerds Contest

Revenge of the Nerds, our third contest of the year, began on March 1st.  I think it’s going to be epic. Almost everyone loves them some Nerdward and Nerdella, or maybe some Nerd Emmett. There are some fun ways to go with this contest.

You don’t have to use cannon couples. You can write about characters other than our beloved Edward and Bella.

Maybe Leah meets her mate at a Trekkie Convention or it could be Seth dressed as Darth Vader.

You can write about Geek Dad with nerd mom. Maybe you were teased through high school about your comic obsession, and now you are successful, and your bully is working for you?

You can also do something with LARP! Can you imagine Jasper doing some fun LARPing? That would be very fun to read about.

If you need more inspiration, drop by the group and see the fun prompts we have been posting!

There are so many different, fun ways you could take a story, and I hope you take the plunge for this month’s contest.

Here is some important info and dates:


This contest is ANONYMOUS. Whomever you pick to be your beta (and if you have a pre-reader), you need to pinky swear to Keep the Secret. You can pimp the contest but give no indication as to which entry is yours! The only person to know will be the Secret Keeper.

Word Limit: 3,000 to 15,000

Stories must be beta’ed.

Any pairing, rating, and genre is welcome

NONE OF THE FOLLOWING IS ALLOWED: Incest, rape, pedophilia, bestiality, etc. You get the idea. Don’t be offensive.

While you can continue the story after the contest is over and the winners are announced, the story in itself must be COMPLETE.

Authors may put their stories up on their pages starting March 1st.

Only 2 entries per person and 2 per collaboration!

Submissions Opens: March 1st to the 24rd MIDNIGHT EST

Voting Opens: March 25th to the 30th

Winners will be announced: March 31st

Reported By: Reporter Alpha Alyscia


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  • Are you going to post the winners here and/or on the FFn page? The stories were great, so I’d love to know who won!

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