Wanderlust by Throughthislens

Set Three years after New Moon. The Cullen family, sans Edward, is having a lazy afternoon watching YouTube videos when they stumble across a travel vlog that quickly leads to an obsession. The star of this blog? I’m sure you can guess. Rated M because this Bella is living her life. Eventual E/B.

I was wandering through the Twilight Facebook groups when I came across this recommendation. Alas, I have broken another rule of what I read in fanfiction, and I’m happy I gave this one a chance.

As it says in the description it is a twist on New Moon. Edward doesn’t come back, and Bella decides to live her life.

It begins in Rose’s POV, with her perception of the events. Rose, Emmett, and Jasper are watching YouTube videos. One particular Vlog. They spot Bella.

This triggers effects in the house when they discover Bella has her own traveler’s vlog and is very popular.

You also get Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Bella’s POV. In the last chapter she updated, you get to hear from Edward as well.

So far, I love how she doesn’t put Edward on a pedestal. Edward messed up, and Bella is not waiting for him. She has been living life unafraid and has had intercourse with men along her travels.

This Bella still has a broken heart and knows Edward owns half her soul, but she decides to keep moving forward and become strong while she travels the world, basically becoming a nomad.

So far, the story is captivating, and it’s this author’s first story.

If you want to catch up and see how awesomely different Wanderlust is you can on FF.

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