A Rec of Make or Break Me by cruiz107 with Author Interview

Bella, homeless and in need, collides into a man that can’t be bothered with her. Is he the one who’s going to pick her up or leave her in despair? WARNING: SOME SCENES MAY BE TOO GRAPHIC FOR SOME! READ W/ CAUTION.

Good old 2016 was the year I really dove back into the Twilight Fan Fiction. I go through different phases where I like to read different types of stories. Right now, angst is my thing, and I just fell in love with Make or Break Me.

Bella is a homeless woman trying to get by day to day. She lives on the streets of Seattle doing whatever she can to survive.

The angst in the story is real, and Bella does some unsavory things to survive.

You follow Bella as she lives on the streets, off the streets, and as she faces her demons.

Edward falls for Bella, even with all her demons and issues.

I love this particular story because of the angst and the amazing way its told.

I needed to know more, so I sought out the author who wrote this awesome fic and picked her brain.

Me: What gave you the inspiration for Make or Break Me?
Cruiz107: There were two main inspirations behind Make or Break Me. The first was a scene in the first story I ever wrote, It’s Always Been You, that has since been taken down. I don’t want to give too much of that story away b/c I’m considering cleaning it up and posting it again. But anyway, there is an alley scene in that story that made me think “What if…?” The other inspiration for the story was Fuggiasco by kdc2239. It’s a homeless Edward and Bella story that I absolutely love. It made me want to try my hand and something so dramatic, and at the same time I could incorporate the alley scene that just wouldn’t go away.

Me: Was the content of the story hard for you to write?
Cruiz107: Honestly, not really. I think of myself more of an angst/dramatic writer, so it’s easy to get my mind to go to difficult places. I’m not really sure what that says about me. LOL. The real world isn’t ice cream and rainbows, and no one ever falls out of love, so it’s hard for me to write like that. I find writing fluff harder than angst. I WILL say thought that chap 14 – I think it’s that chap – was difficult to write. THAT SCENE. My beta at the time even warned me about posting it. I received a lot of flames for it, but like I said, I prefer to write things that are real and that happening to someone in B’s shoes is not all that uncommon.

Me: I never put the pieces together Between Rose and Bella at first. Was this something you always planned or something that developed.
Cruiz107: The relationship between Bella and Rose was something that was always planned. At the time I wrote that story, a lot of what I was reading (and still reading) has Rose as a bitchy character who eventually begins to like Bella. I wanted something different. I wanted Rose to be a great person right from the get-go. However, the way they reunited was something that just developed as I continued to write that story.

Me: What made you decide to have Bella be an artist, an almost famous one at that?
Cruiz107: Why was Bella an artist? Again, it was just to be something different. I hadn’t read, at that time, many stories where she was an artist, so I figured why not? Why was she a famous, up and coming artist? Because I thought it would make her fall that much sadder and her vanishing more curious. I always thought it was so sad to read about famous entertainers who were on top of the world to then just…not be anymore because of personal circumstances.

Me: Edward seems very cold when first meeting Bella, could you give some insight to why that was?
Cruiz107: The reason as to why Edward was so cold to Bella is twofold. One, most people who walk these streets ARE Edward in some form or fashion. I don’t mean his exact behavior, but more so that they’re so absorbed in their own life to realize that it can always be worse. Everyone’s own life is the most important thing – and I get that – but it doesn’t mean that we need to be nasty or hurtful to those who don’t make our lives easier. The second reason is that I just love an asshole Edward character. LOL

Me: What advice do you have for fellow writers?
Cruiz107: Advise that I have for other writers is something that I’m sure they’ve heard before – write for you and not what you think the audience is going to respond more positively to. Do YOU want your female character to be a doormat? Than write her as a doormat. Do YOU want your villain to be completely nonredeemable? Then write a completely nonredeemable villain. At the end of the day, if you write what you think others want to read, then it’s not going to be your story – the one you envisioned. That was actually the reason why I took down my first story. I thought if I wrote scenes a certain why it would get me more reviews/follows. Some time later when I re-read it, I realized how horrible it was. I still liked the story premise, but it had to be completely reworked.

Some other smaller bits of advice: if you get a loyal beta, stick with him/her. Good ones are hard to come by which is why I don’t use one anymore (which is also why I have so many mistakes in my stories). Remember the small details like ages, locations, character names. Because you may forget, but the reader won’t, and they’ll remember that at the start of a story the writer said the character was 20 but all of a sudden they’re 23. Learn (and I’m still learning) how to use periods and commas. I’m sure there are more personal pet peeves of mine that I can’t think of at the moment. LOL

You can read this angsty fic on FF

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