Fandom for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 hurricane and one of three Atlantic hurricanes that caused 50 billion dollars in damaged. It affected approximately 13 million people in the Southern United States.

Four wonderful ladies, Karrie, Nicci, Mina, and Chandrakanta, decided they needed to do something to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. They came up with Hurricane Harvey Relief, but after Irma and the many other natural disasters that happened around the same time as Harvey’s destruction, they decided to call it Fandoms of Hope and Relief. These ladies decided to raise money the best way they knew how, and that was to get amazing authors to write stories. For you to read the completed stories, you must donate.

You can see the authors and what Fandom they are writing for at the Fandoms of Hope and Relief’s Facebook group before you donate. This amazing group has raised $680 so far. There isn’t a goal in mind to reach. The story submissions are closed now, but you can still donate and spread the word so more people can help an amazing cause. You can donate until December 11th. They are truly an inspiration with what they are doing.

If you are interested in donating or finding more information about Fandoms of Hope and Relief, you can go to the Facebook group: Fandoms for Hope and Relief Facebook Group

Reported By: Reporter Alpha Alyscia


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