Contest Dates

Submissions: 10/28/17-12/2/17

Voting: 12/6/17-12/14/17

Winners Announced:12/20/18


Tell us what Christmas means to you. Tell us your favorite parts! Is it kisses in the snow? A hot summer Christmas? Is it naughty Christmas mornings? The gifts? Or cuddling up by the open fire with a mug of hot cocoa or apple cider? Decorating the Tree? The lights? Does a certain song spark a memory or set events in motion? Tell us, is it the dysfunctional family gatherings? You know the kind we mean. Spiked eggnog sounds good, doesn’t it?

What excites you about Christmas? What makes your heart warm and fuzzy? What makes you hot and bothered? You don’t just have to love Christmas. Go ahead and hate it but tell us why! Do you hate the over-the-top drama that people do around it or do you just pretend to hate it when you secretly love it? Tell us all!

Maybe this Christmas you meet someone singing carols on the street. maybe you save your hot lumberjack of a husband from beady eyes of Christmas tree customers. Love is in the air this Christmas.

We understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas. So, perhaps you have a different perspective on the holiday. Perhaps you spend the holidays abroad and embrace the local customs? Maybe you enjoy the sand between your toes while throwing shrimp on the Barbie down under? Or you have an interfaith marriage and have a sweet story of compromise and faith? The season is about being loving, kind, and caring towards one another. How do you reach out to those around you to spread the love of the season and include all?

Be nice. Be naughty. Be sexy. Be sweet. Be everything you want to be. But let your story be complete. A one-shot that is a story in itself. You can expand it later on your whims but please let the story not read like the first chapter but an actual story that ends.

We want to fall in love with your Christmas. Come fall in love with us this Christmas.